The power grid isn’t indefatigable, so power outages tend to happen, and when you least expect them.

Having experienced stormy weather conditions and the blackout that ensured, I know how trepidation tends to creep in. Crawling my way through the darkness, in search of a possible light source, exposed deeply why I needed to get a backup generator is important.

If electricity is the beacon of your daily hustle, your level of preparedness could decide how the day turns out.

Electric generators can help in these unforeseen circumstances. And the All Power brand is one of the popular brands.

Why All Power America LLC?

Because it’s an American company who makes All Power generators, and the entire manufacturing process takes place takes place on American soil, using quality materials.

All Power products are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories, an indication of the quality of their products.

With that said, these Allpower generator are geared at enlightening you on the strength and weaknesses of some of the best generating sets from All Power.

Top 3 Allpower Generator for 2023

Image Product Name Details Price
All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator
  • Wattage (Peak / Running): 4000/3300
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: 72 dB
  • Weight: 133 Lbs
All Power America APGG10000C Portable Generator All Power America APGG10000C Portable Generator
  • Wattage (Peak / Running): 10000/8000
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: 76 dB
  • Weight: 235 Lbs
All Power America APGG12000GL All Power America APGG12000GL
  • Wattage (Peak / Running): 12000/9000
  • Noise Level @ 25% Load: 76 dBA
  • Weight: 230 Lbs

1. All Power  APGG4000 Review – Suitable for Home & Outdoor

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If you’ve ever experienced an unexpected blackout, then you might appreciate this All Power generator.

Power output

Though not the most powerful, this All Power generator has the potential to supply about 4000 watts of power.

This should suffice for the basic household items, pending when your connection to the grid is rectified.

If you own an RV, most of the basic appliances in your van should be covered by this generator.

Gallon capacity

Its 4-gallon tank size is perfect for delivering several hours of electricity within a day.

You can run the generator for as long as 8 hours, and it wouldn’t let you down the following day, which is a major problem with many other gasoline generators.

Size and mobility

It’s heavy, so you might struggle to lift the generator as it has a weight of about 136.4 lbs.

But it can be moved easily, thanks to its pair of wheels and an ergonomic handle, strategically placed for that purpose.

Campers would love how easy it is to move the generator to their preferred campsite.

Fuel Indicator

Knowing when the fuel is exhausted can be challenging. At some point, I had a generating set that required I open the fuel tank lid to assess the fuel level using my eyes, despite the risk involved attempting such with the generator running.

Fortunately, this unit spares you of such troubles as there’s a fuel gauge that can be easily read and quite accurate.

Ease of maintenance

Unlike smaller units, there’s a distinct compartment for oil, so you can add the liquid into the chamber. Gauging the oil level might be tricky, just try not to fill it to the point where it overflows.

To prevent the generator from getting damaged from a low oil level, this all power 4000 watts generator has an auto-shutdown feature, which is activated when the oil level gets really low.

Starting process

You can easily start the generator through the pull-start approach. Once turned on, adequately fueled and oiled, you won’t be pulling the cord multiple times.

If you don’t know how to start a generator, this All Power America portable generator might be the perfect learning tool.

Maintenance requirement 

It’s worth noting that as the oil gets depleted, pulling the cord to start the generator becomes a bit difficult.

This reinforces the need to check and top up the oil level. The manual of this All Power 4000 watts generator demands you add more oil every 50 hours of use.

Noise level

If you’re irritated by the barest noise level, this generator might not be the perfect match.

The unit has a decibel rating of 72 dB, which is somewhat significant but not deafening.

When seated in your RV, you’re less likely to be perturbed by the noise level, especially while the van is in motion.



Value For Money

4.8 out of 5

4.9 out of 5

4.9 out of 5

Key Features

  • Roll cage design
  • Folding handle – makes it easy to move the generator around and it doesn’t get in the way of your storage requirements
  • 4-gallon tank size – holds a significant portion of fuel for the generator operation
  • 7 Horsepower engine – delivers impressive power to get most of your appliances working
  • Multiple power outlets – you can connect tools and appliances
  • 1-year warranty offer – easy repair and replacement of faulty items in the generator
  • EPA certified – reduced environmental effluents


Dimension 27.8 x 22.2 x 18.4 inches
Weight 133 Lbs
Fuel Type Gas
Peak Wattage 4000
Running Wattage 3300
Noise @ 25% Load 72 dBA
Run Time @ 50% Load 8 Hours
Engine Size 208 cc
Fuel Tank Size 4 Gallon
Generator Type Portable


  • Easy to start
  • Doesn’t gulp a lot of gas
  • Low oil auto shutdown prevents an expensive mechanical fault
  • Can handle basic household appliances
  • Wheels and perfectly-placed handle make it easy to move around


  • Noise level is relatively high
  • Power output could be better

Our Rating

This unit is easy to use and convenient. It’s a worthwhile option for small households with few power-hungry items.  RV owners and campers will be pleased with the stress-free operation provided by this generator.

2. All Power America APGG10000 Review – Overall Best

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Power output

Sometimes, you need more power – larger than what is obtainable with the All Power America APGG4000. On such occasions, you’d appreciate the capacity of this All Power 10000 watts generator.

Its running power offering of 8000 watts would see just about all your household appliances powered without any alteration.

You can have a nice time in your RV with all your appliances working at optimum.


Yes, it’s heavy, but the combination of its large filled wheels and foldable hand makes the all power 10000 watts generator extremely mobile.

If you intend putting it for storage, you’ll definitely need help as its 235 lbs weight might be too much for you ( unless you’re the world’s strongest man).

Starting Process

While starting a generator is one of the biggest challenges faced by the average user,

it’s the reverse with this 10000 watt generator. All you have to do is push a button, and the generator engine roars. Of course, you need to add fuel and oil before starting the generator.

This electric push-start approach is powered by a lead-acid battery, which is rechargeable and doesn’t require extra strenuous maintenance practice.

Unfortunately, there are times when the battery might need to be recharged, and getting the generator started by the push of a button might be impractical.

This portable gas generator has the manual recoil approach as a backup, so you’re not stranded, regardless of the situation.

Fuel tank capacity

For convenient use of this gas-electric generator, it has an 8-gallon tank capacity, which is capable of handling some of your energy needs for as long as 11 hours.

You just have to be wary of the load on the generator, because the higher the load, the short the runtime.

Track operation

You can easily judge the duration for which a quantity of fuel lasted as the generator has an LCD display on one side of the unit.

It’s quite accurate at keeping track of the fuel consumption of the generator.

Sturdy framework

To ensure the generator survives outdoor use, it has a roll cage design for improved durability and rigidity.

It might not be the most innovative, but I’d take reliability over aesthetics without blinking.

Flexible usability

If you’re short on power outlets within the confines of your home, you can always leverage the multiple outlets provided on the generator.

Each has its individual rating, so you can connect the devices with a matching rating.

Noise level

This electric power generator has a decibel rating of 76 dB, indicative of its noticeable noise level.

While All Power America might claim its noise level is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, that’s largely an understatement.

The noise level is capable of interrupting conversations and might require raising your voice when you need to talk to someone with the machine working in the background.



Value For Money

4.8 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

4.9 out of 5


  • Filled wheels – makes the generator fairly mobile so you don’t have to lift it
  • 8-gallon tank size – hold more fuel for a longer power generating operation
  • 15 Horsepower engine – more power to drive heavy-duty appliances and equipment
  • Button start and Recoil engine start processes – starting the generator couldn’t be more easier
  • Voltage switch – improves the flexibility of the voltage offering of the generator
  • EPA + CARB Compliant


Dimension 27.8 x 22.2 x 25 inches
Weight 225 Lbs
Fuel Type Gas
Peak Wattage 10000
Running Wattage 8000
Noise @ 25% Load 76 dBA
Run Time @ 50% Load 11 Hours
Engine Size 420 cc
Fuel Tank Size 8 Gallon
Generator Type Portable


  • Easy to operate
  • Button start is convenient
  • Roll cage design improves its durability
  • Its large fuel tank size ensures you can use the generator for longer periods without frequent refueling
  • Low oil shutdown prevents the machine from breaking down
  • Its filled wheels and fordable handles make the generator easy to transport


  • It’s rather heavy
  • Noise level is outrageous

Our Rating

This is a powerful unit. It’s the ideal generator for RVs, households, and workshops with more appliances.

3. All Power America APGG12000GL Review – Perfect for Heavy Duty

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0817KW1JV&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=powersourcehub 20&language=en US

While generators are often considered backup power sources, some fare better at the role than others considering their capacity to carry multiple appliances without breaking down. And this All Power generator is one of such.

Dual-fuel capability

One of the spectacular things about this unit is that it supports the use of two different fuels – liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and gasoline.

This is advantageous for a couple of reasons including efficient power output.

The generator comes with an accessory for easy connection to the relevant gas cylinder.

Power output

Due to the dual-fuel capacity of this generator, it has variable power output.

With the use of LPG, running power output is around 7500 watts. This AllPower generator 7500 watts is lower than what’s obtainable with gasoline –9000 watts.

You might be wondering if the output for LPG is lower, why use it? Well, LPG burns more efficiently than gasoline, so you have fewer emissions and a dip in the noise generated.

Regardless of the fuel used, the power available for use from the generator should do just fine for just about all the appliances in your house or RV or even your construction site.

Starting process

Starting a generator remains a challenge for me, especially if it involves pulling at a cord to get the engine running.

If you have the same problem, you might get ensnared by this generator as it just requires only the push of a button to get it started.

While the electric start option is the main approach towards getting the engine running, this All Power 7500 generator has the recoil start as a backup option.

This is remarkable as it reduces the chances of your being stranded by a generator that refuses to start.

Remember, the lead-acid battery powering the electric start might not be adequately charged every time.

Fuel tank capacity

Surprisingly, this All Power 12000 watt generator still has the same tank size as the 10000 watt generator considered earlier.

With a full tank of gasoline or a full cylinder of LPG, the unit can run for several hours – the precise number of hours depends on the nature of the appliances connected to the generator.

Size and mobility

Its 230 lbs weight might not make this unit the lightest of generators, but the lockable folding handles and the filled wheels make carrying the unit a realistic feat.

It can easily be moved to your preferred setup point without you having to expend energy in lifting the heavy generator.

Noise level

Noise generated from generators can be unpleasant, and it’s no different with this one.

It has a decibel rating of 76 dB, so it’s not a quite 12000 watts generator. But RV campers need not worry as it shouldn’t impede conversations or affect leisure activities.

For homeowners, you might want to keep the generator at a distance from your building or install a muffler on the machine.

Regardless of its noisy performance, This generator reviews consider this unit to be the best 12000 watts generator.

One of the 12000 watts generator reviews claims the unit is a representation of ‘excellent value and high quality



Value For Money

4.5 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

4.4 out of 5


  • Dual-fuel capacity – supports the use of different fuel sources
  • Ergonomic handle – improves handling of the generator
  • One-touch start – seamless generator starting process
  • Fuel-level indicator – keeps you updated on the quantity of fuel in the generator
  • Roll-cage framework – protects sensitive components of the generator
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty – easily get faults repaired and replacements made available in a timely manner
  • EPA certified – has minimal environmental effects


Dimension 31 x 21 x 26 inches
Weight 230 Lbs
Fuel Type Gas, Propane
Peak Wattage 1200
Running Wattage 9000 @ Gas. 7250 @ Propane
Noise @ 25% Load 76 dBA
Run Time @ 50% Load 10 Hours
Engine Size 459 cc
Fuel Tank Size 8 Gallon
Generator Type Portable


  • The generator is easy to start
  • Sturdy wheels – guarantees the mobility of the generator
  • It’s capable of powering more appliances
  • Easy to move around
  • Low oil shutdown protects the unit from damage.


  • Noisy operation

Our Rating

It’s a powerful but efficient generator. It’s a viable option for homes, travel trailers and RV owners looking for an optimal power source.

Final Thoughts

There might be a lot of generators out there, but these units from All Power America do standout in the portable generator category. Their fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance requirement and general competitive generator price put them ahead in the pack.

With core attributes including folding handle, filled wheels, roll-cage design and variable running power, these generators can stand up to the challenge when you are in need of backup power.

The less-is-more approach applied by All Power America is certainly remarkable as it removes distractions while ensuring your generator supplies you with the one thing you urgently need – POWER.

Video Guide

All Power America APGG10000 Generator

Best All Power Generator Comparison Chart

Features All power 4000 watt generator All power 10000 watt generator all power 12000 watt generator

Generator Type




Peak Wattage 4000 watts 10000 watts 12000 watts @ Gas

9500 watts @ LPG

Running Wattage

3300 watts

8000 watts

9000 watts @ Gas

7250 watts @ LPG


133 Lbs

235 Lbs

230 Lbs

AC Voltage

120 Volts

120 Volts

120 Volts

AC Frequency

60 Hz

60 Hz

60 Hz

Noise Level

72 dBA

76 dBA

76 dBA

Muffler Available Available Available

Run Time @ 50% Load

8 Hours

11 Hours

10 Hours

Fuel Tank Size

4 Gallon

8 Gallon

8 Gallon

Fuel Type




Engine Displacement

208 cc

420 cc

459 cc

Engine Horsepower

8 HP

15 HP

18 HP

Engine Type

OHV 4-stroke

OHV 4-stroke

OHV 4-stroke

Starting Method


Recoil + Electric Push Button Start

Recoil + Electric Start Button

Fuel Gauge Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Low Oil Shutdown Yes Yes Yes
Hour Meter No Yes Yes
Wheel Kit Included Included Included
Battery Not Included Included Included
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Years 1 Years 1 Years
Compliant EPA EPA + CARB EPA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What features make All Power different from other brands?


Most All Power generators can be categorized as portable as they have the necessary features that make moving them around possible. Many of the units have foldable handles and filled wheels, making it easy to transport the generators. I find them bulky, but moving them shouldn’t be a problem.


Compared to some other generators, All Power units can be quite noisy, depending on the unit. Many of these generators have high decibel ratings, indicative of their substantial noise level, but they’re not ear-piercing. I found out mufflers appear to reduce the noise pollution to a reasonable level, so it’s worth considering.

Fuel Efficiency

I feel the most interesting thing about this group of generators is their fuel efficiency. You could use a few gallons of gasoline for several hours, saving you money in the long-run. And that’s not all, there’s very little emission to worry about as much of the gas is burnt efficiently.

Warranty program

With the risk of getting a faulty generator and the increased possibility of the generator developing issues during operation, it’s a good thing that All Power generators come with a 1-year warranty offer that caters to the repair and replacement of faulty units.

2. How loud is an All Power generator?

When working allpower generator reviews, I found this depends on the unit you’re looking at. Each has a different decibel rating, so the noise level varies with the generator. Also, the load on the generator can affect the noise generated. With more load, the generator emits a louder noise.

3. Where are All Power generators made?

These are made in the United States, so if you are looking for a generator that will meet your needs, these are worth considering.

4. Are All Power Any Good?

I feel they are. They might have their share of faults, but the units in this brand do deliver.

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