The rise of food cart or truck is skyrocketing.

For the last several years, we’ve watched how the industry is booming. But nothing’s simple in the mobile food truck world, and you can’t just run a cart without proper setup.

The main headache is the Power source.

And what could be better than a portable generator for mini business to give a consistent power? Over time, the food truck business has gone through many changes because of business necessity. Similarly, the necessity of the best generator for food truck is also increasing since electrical source availability is not the same in every place.

This is the reason why manufacturers are producing reliable food truck generators for the food truck business. Out of so many models, it is very challenging to pick the best one.

Too true!

But the good news is this review will guide you to pick up the right item to fulfil your food truck’s power requirement.

Quick View: Best Generator for a Food Truck

  • Quiet generator for food truck: Honda eu7000iat1

“It’s could be the best way to power a food truck”

  • Best generator for food trailer: Westinghouse igen4500

“Portable, convenient and easy to operate”

  • Budget-friendly mobile food truck generator: All Power America APGG10000GL

“A reliable food truck power supply that won’t break your bank”

Do Food Trucks really Need Generators?

Million-dollar question!

It is natural for the owners to think about the generator for their food truck. Although the food truck can be entirely operated through electricity, installing a generator to avoid uncertainty will be better.

Even though the place or the event offers you full time back up, there will be no guarantee to prevent uncertainty. Naturally, if any power losing issue occurs, it will become a worst-case scenario for your business.

However, the food truck has become famous throughout the world, and the competition herein also fierce. Here anything worst may result in frozen out. So, the necessity of a reliable power source outweighs than others.

Generally, a food truck is used to provide instant food, so it requires instant cooking. Therefore, the losing power issue may spoil the ingredients and also the food.

Besides, if your ingredients are raw like chicken, fish, or beef, you have to ensure a specific temperature. You may know the rotten food may make your customer sick, and it will eventually bring a bad name.

Till now, we discuss the food-related problem that may happen due to the absence of a power generator. Now, see another problem you may encounter if you don’t have any generator.

Generally, a food truck serves in an open space so, and the lighting is essential at night, same for the cooling facility during a hot day. This type of facility will ensure comfortable food intake. Also, some food trucks provide some entertainment facilities.

If you take all those under your consideration, you definitely need a full-time power supply. Like our previous saying, even though you get full-time offer support, it is wise to keep a power generator to avoid any worst situation.

Many power generators have a user-friendly mechanism like ease to operate, handling, and so on. So, hopefully, you will not face any problem in carrying and using.

10 Best Generator for Food Truck to Get Stable Power All Day Long

Do you know, the food truck business has a long history?

You heard that right.

In 1866, Charles Goodnight first invented a food truck, and its name was Chuck Wagon. Many of us don’t know that the 5th of March is celebrated as the National Mobile Vendor Food day. And this day is dedicated to Charles Goodnight.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Now back to the point. Here is our review of 10 best generators for food truck and cart that are will help you to run your mini restaurant smoothly.

1. Honda Power Equipment EU7000IAT1

​Honda Power Equipment EU7000IAT1

Specification at a glance

  • AC Output: 120/240V
  • Starting System: Recoil, Electric
  • Receptacles: 20A 125V Duplex
  • Run Time per Tankful: 6.5 hrs.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.1 Gallons.

Quite, portable and convenient- this power tool got everything you need to run a food truck. 7,000-watt is more than enough to cover a long day. But actually, this unit is more beneficial than just supporting a food truck.


This comparatively lightweight generator also can be used at home, in RVs, or at any outdoor events. From camping trips to a food cart, this 7,000 Watt power beast will offer you power wherever you go.

What makes it so special for food truck generator?

The Eco-Throttle System easily runs 7-18 hours on a single shot. At the same time, it is super quiet (runs at 52 – 58 decibels), your customer won’t be bothered by the annoying noise.

Now let’s talk about technology.

Thanks to Electronic Fuel Injection technology. For this awesome technology, this unit can be run for longer. Another great advantage is The “Fuel Off” position. This simple yet effective feature help to continue running until 80% of the fuel is consumed. No more tension about stale fuel issues.

Honda is famous for manufacturing solid power tool and didn’t make us disappointed with their automatic mechanical decompressor system this time. This system will automatically minimize the amount of force required to start the engine, every time.

The bottom line?

The EU7000iAT1 is an exceptionally quiet, fuel-efficient, handy lightweight package which is able to meet the need a food cart.

What We Like Most?

  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Flawless design
  • Pull cord backup

What Could be Better?

  • Steady-state power level

2. Westinghouse igen4500

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance

  • Style: iGen4500
  • •Running watt: 37, 00/4,500
  • •Outlet: 120v
  • •ENGINE: 18HP, 457cc
  • •Noise Output: 52 dBA

More Features: Super Quiet, Parallel Capability, Automatic Low oil Shutdown, 3 Years Warranty Residential & Commercial Warranty.

The iGen4500 is an absolute power monster.

For over 130 years, they amazed us with some ground-breaking technology to change the world for better tomorrow.

We can assure you something:

The Westinghouse gas-powered tool is a premium power solution to meet your food cart power needs whether you’re standing in one position or move a lot.

How can you beat that?

But the most surprising fact, at less than 3% THD, this food truck power inverter runs perfectly well with the sensitive electronics like laptops, tablets, or mobile devices and most importantly fridge and microwave oven that require clean, stable power.

And guess what?

The LED Data Center allows you to monitor the date what’s actually going on with power system and when it’s the high time to give power again.

But what really impresses us most is the 4 Gallon Gas Tank. It’a so pleasant to see they really care for Maximum Fuel Efficiency. The “Economy Mode” is just for that. Apart from these, Two USB makes it a great choice for Trailers or Home Use. We guess 30 Amp Outlet is more than enough to Run All Your essentials of your food cart.

The built-in telescoping handle along with 2 cool carrying handles gives it the badge of hassle-free portability.

What We Liked Most

  • Safe for Sensitive Electronics
  • Built-in USB ports
  • Suitcase-style handle

What Could be Better?

  • Terribly positioned the oil fill port

3. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance

  • Style: XP12000EH
  • Running watt: 12,000/9,500
  • Outlet: 120v & 240v
  • ENGINE: 18HP, 457cc
  • Dimensions: 30 x 29 x 26 inches

Are you sweating your forehead, searching for the best food truck generator for your large food truck?

The DuroMax XP12000EH is the solution to your problem.

It is entirely made of metal, and the windings are made with copper. Thus the reliability and durability of the generator are guaranteed.

Let us say this straight:

Either gasoline or propane, it is workable with both options. A powerful Duramax OHV Engine, 457cc, is used to power the generator. On gasoline, its peak power is 12,000W (starting watts), and rated power is 9,500W (running watts).

While on propane, 11,400W and 9,025W is its peak and rated watts, respectively. It comes with 8.3 gallons’ fuel tank. Its runtime is 8.8 hours with gasoline and 7.2 hours with propane.

It is equipped with 2 household outlets with 120V 20A, 1 twist-lock outlet with 120V 30A, 1 twist-lock outlet with 120/240V 30A and 1 outlet with 120/240V 50A. Moreover, the smart portable generator’s other features are engine switch, recharge indicators, circuit breakers, oil alert, and idle control switch.

But here is the kicker:

The engine speed gets reduced because of the idle control switch when the load is less or not applied, and when loads are applied, the engine gains speed automatically.

The DuroMax XP12000EH is full of brilliant safety features: protection from overload, spark arrestor and shut off feature due to low-level oil. 236lbs is its weight, with easily foldable handles, and with the tires, transporting it becomes6 effortless. The muffler is oversized and keeps the noise level low.

What we liked most:

  • Extremely powerful food truck generator.
  • The bigger size of the fuel tank.
  • MX2 system.
  • Highly portable.

What could be better?

  • Bulky and large.

4. Briggs & Stratton P4500

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance:

  • Fuel efficient – Up to 18 Hour Run Time
  • Peak Watts: 4,500
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.6 x 20.3 inches
  • Weight: 114.8 pounds
  • Running Watts: 3,700

The P4500 can generate a reasonable amount of power with its Briggs and Stratton OHV engine.

But one thing is for sure:

Compared to a standard food truck generator, it is 45% more compact and 30% lightweight. Which means the item is easy to store and move as well. Its starting watt is 4,500, and running watt is 3700.

But the thing that impresses us most, Food truck generators are prone to making a loud noise. But this generator is out of this problem due to its quiet power technology. This generator doesn’t create much sound compared to other portable generators in its range.

Think I am kidding?

Heck no!

All you need to do is flip the switch, and the technology will automatically adjust the engine speed to reduce the noise. It is made with an all-steel frame that also works to reduce the noise and ensures protection of the inner components.

And guess what?

Its control panel will simply satisfy you with a wide range of variations. With 4 AC household outlets of 120V, USB ports (2), and 1 outlet of 120/240V 30A, it is one of the best generators for food truck surfing in the market. Besides, a low-oil indicator and power usage light, engine switch, and reset button of overload makes the generator easy to handle. Additionally, @25% load, the generator runs 14 hours without any break since its fuel tank size is 5 gallons.

It comes with 2 durable and big tires along with a telescopic handle so that you can transport them wherever you need. The power usage meter will allow you to monitor total power availability. Besides, it doesn’t require much maintenance and provides a long term service.

What we liked most:

  • Up to 14-hour runtime @25% load.
  • @25% load, its sound level is 66 dB
  • Control panel with a variety of outlets.
  • Protective shell.

What could be better?

  • Poor quality handle.

5. Pulsar G2319N Generator

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance

  • Size: 2300w Gray
  • Style: Inverter
  • Fual tank capacity: 1.18 gallons
  • Running watt: 2,300 peak watts/ 1,800
  • Outlet: 120v

In recent times, everybody looks for a powerful portable generator at an affordable price for their food truck.

The Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator is efficient enough to run a food truck. Moreover, you can use it for your camp, home or while doing any outdoor activities.

Want to know the best part?

The G2319N inverter generator provides a 2,300 peak, and 1,800 rated watts with an 80CC OHV Gas engine. The most important thing is, it works silently. As a result, you can have peace of mind while running it. Besides, it consists of an economy switch.

The responsibility of this economy switch is to reduce fuel consumption and noise as per the engine speed. With its 1.18 gallons’ fuel tank size, it is eligible to provide 4.8 hours of service without interruption.

Its suitcase and compact design will impress you. You can effortlessly handle it since it is only 47lbs. It also comes with a convenient built-in handle that will allow you to transport it at any place without any hassle. The case is made of polypropylene, which ensures the durability of the item.

Worried about safety?

The 2 safety features of the inverter generator are low oil indicator and overload warning light. Low oil indicator reminds you when you need to add oil, and the overload warning light warns you when you have overloaded your generator.

Its parallel outlets is a unique feature that makes it different from other inverter generators. If you require increasing the power output, you can easily connect 2 G2319N to double the power.

What we liked most:

  • Easy on/off/choke control.
  • Compact and suitcase-like design.
  • 59 dB noise means it is as quiet as a pleasant conversation.
  • Parallel outlets allow being connected for double power.

What could be better?

  • Unavailability of RV ready port

6. Champion 100165 Portable Generator

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance

  • Running watt: 9375/7500-Watt
  • Voltage: 120/240V operation
  • Engine: 439cc
  • Type: Single Cylinder
  • Fual tank capacity: 6 Gallon (gasoline)

Many food truck business owners want to keep the portable generator’s noise level low so that their customer doesn’t feel a disturbance. The Champion Power Equipment 100165 Dual Fuel Portable Generator will be the best pick in this case. It operates with both gasoline and LPG.

What about power?

The portable generator consists of a powerful 4-stroke 439cc Champion engine. While running with propane, starting and running watt is 8400 and 6750, respectively. On the other hand, it provides 9375W and 7500W starting and running watts, respectively, when running on gasoline.

It comes with 2 different starting systems: recoil and electric. It offers 8 hours’ runtime @50% load with a 6.1 fuel tank size with a gasoline tank. While at the sameload%, its runtime is 5.5 hours with a propane tank.

You will find 4 GFCI protected outlets at the power panel with 120V, 1 locking outlet of 120V 30A and another locking outlet of 120/240V 30A. The abbreviation of GFCI is Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which works as a circuit breaker.

What does this mean to you?

Whenever it identifies any dissimilarity between the input and output current, it breaks the circuit. Further, it has a switch for battery and engine.

The tire is much durable, and its compact design makes the generator easy to store. In terms of performance, the generator will satisfy you. The durable steel frame ensures the generator’s longevity, and you will get decent runtime from its decent-sized fuel tank. Moreover, its volt guard surge protector is an appreciable feature.

What we liked most:

  • Fuel selector switch.
  • 4-stroke 439 Champion engine.
  • Made with a durable steel frame.
  • Durable steel frame.

What could be better?

  • Generates high sound.

7. WEN DF1100T Portable Generator

​Westinghouse igen4500

Specification at a glance

  • Running watt: 8,300
  • Voltage: 120V to 240V
  • Engine: 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine
  • LPG Hose: 47-inch
  • Fual tank capacity: 6.6 gallon

The WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator has all best features that will amaze you. Similar to other standard portable generators, it also runs with propylene and gasoline. And switching between these 2 fuel options is even more comfortable with the help of its big fuel selector knob.

That’s not all…….

457cc 4-stroke engine makes it a powerful food truck generator. On gasoline, it delivers 11,000W (peak) and 8,300W (running) while on propane, 9500W is its peak and 7500W is running watt. Operating the generator is more straightforward compared to other generators. Electric start key will allow you to turn on the generator.

Its control panel is equipped with 120V 20A GFCI NEMA 5-20R duplex, 120/240V 50A NEMA L14-50R and 120V 30A NEMA L5-30R. The fuel tank capacity is also pretty impressive, which is 6.6 gallons. Without any doubt, runtime with gasoline is more than propane. @ 50% loads, it runs 8.5 hours with gasoline and 3 hours with propane.

Here is the best part:

It is packed with low-oil turn off, voltage regulator (automatic), and protection from overload to ensure safety. The voltage level remains constant because of the automatic voltage regulator. Also, the circuit breakers protect the generator from surge damage.

How can you beat that?

Transporting of the unit is comfortable due to its never-flat tires and fold-down handles. The handle will allow you to lift and pull the item quite comfortably. This portable generator will give you peace of mind when a power outage is there. In terms of performance, it will provide you with the best performance always.

What we liked most:

  • Full of significant safety features to ensure optimum safety.
  • Digital LED hour counter.
  • EPA III certified.

What could be better?

  • You will often experience the late start of the generator.

8. Honda EU7000iAT1 Portable Generator

​Honda Power Equipment EU7000IAT1

Specification at a glance

  • Power: 7,000-watt
  • Fuel-efficient: 18 hours
  • Weight 51.3 pounds
  • Noise level: 52 – 58 decibels
  • Power outlet: 120/240 Volt

The name of the generator will give you the idea that it is a super quiet generator.

So, this will meet your requirement if you love to work in a whisper mood. It generates only 52 – 58 dB sound while operating at maximum speed. This super quiet feature makes it one of the most silent generators at its range.

Its peak and rated powers are 7000W and 5500W, respectively, with the 389cc Honda GX390 EFI engine. Undoubtedly, this generator is an ideal option for those food trucks with a big food menu and need to prepare many food items at the same time. It uses both an electric and recoil start system, which means you will not face any hassle to start the generator.

Too good!

Additionally, you can select the voltage between 120/240V and 240V since it has a voltage selector switch. The power panel is equipped with 2 AC outlets of 120V, 1 outlet of 30A and 1 outlet of 120/240V.

Eco throttle system is the most appreciated feature of this generator. According to the applied load for superior fuel efficiency, the engine speed gets automatically changed.

Plus, if you require more than 5500W power, join another Honda EU7000iAT1 portable generator with it. However, you will need to purchase another generator for this. The best news is, it has been qualified by the USDA and certified by EPA. Besides, transporting is also hassle-free with its big and durable tire along with a handle.

What we liked most:

  • Extremely quiet portable generator.
  • Brilliant runtime.
  • Eco- throttles system.
  • Hassle-free transportation.

What could be better?

  • Under hot and humid weather, it doesn’t show good performance.
  • tress as pulling the provided cord.

9. All Power America APGG10000GL Generator

​Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable

Specification at a glance

  • Style: Dual Fuel
  • Operating Noise level: 76 dB
  • Runs: 11 hrs @ 1/2 load
  • Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons
  • Twist-lock outlet: 120/240V

The All Power America APGG10000GL 10000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator is popular among many food truck owners because of its massive power. It can generate an enormous amount of 12,000W energy that allows a food truck owner to supply power to an entire food truck without any hassle.

It is a gasoline-powered generator, and 6.6 gallon is its tank size that provides service up to 11 hours @50% load. Generally, portable generators get overheated when running for a long time.

But you will never experience this problem with this generator because it is well-ventilated and can cool itself within the shortest possible time.

What’s more?

The control panel is equipped with nearly everything required to run a food truck with ease. You will find 4 outlets of AC Duplex 120V; 1 outlet of 120v twist-lock; 1 outlet of 120/240V twist-lock outlet; 1 outlet of 12V DC in the control panel. You will also be able to learn the fuel capacity level through the hour meter included with the generator.

Since it is designed with a powerful engine, don’t you think it creates much sound? In reality, though, it creates a 76 dB sound level, which is quite surprising.

No pressure there!

The 15HP 420cc OHV engine produces 20A @120V. Moreover, the electric start comes with a battery that is maintenance-free. Furthermore, a flat free wheel comes with a wheel kit, which confirms that no maintenance is necessary. Also, transportation will become easy. The size is compact and makes you eligible to use this unit nearly anywhere. In terms of powering a food truck, this battery is a reliable one.

What we liked most:

  • Operating noise is 76 dB.
  • 8 gallons’ gas tank or 20lbs of propane fuel.
  • Flat freewheel.
  • Providing a reliable, clean source of energy.

What could be better?

  • Oil spilling will occur if you don’t do proper maintenance of the generator.

10. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator.

​Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable

Specification at a glance

  • Noise Level:72 dBA
  • Electric Start: 7500 watts
  • Battery charger: 12V
  • Noise Level-72 dBA
  • Engine: 4-Stroke OHV Engine

Looking for a generator that comes with an all-in-one feature?

The Westinghouse Wgen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator is such a lightweight generator that operates quietly and much powerful in its range. It’s running watt 7,500, and starting watt is 9,500, making it a suitable option for most food trucks.

Can this really be true?

Compared to its competitor, it is full of exceptional features. Its control panel consists of 15 features which are: engine shut off, main circuit breaker, push-button electric start, and efficiency mode. Moreover, battery charging port, propane hook up, fuel selector switch, low oil, overload and output and output indicator light are worth mentioning.

Furthermore, 5V DC USB ports with cover, overload reset, LED data centre, parallel ports, 20/30A circuit breakers, 120V AC 20A 5-2OR outlets with cover and 120V AC 30A TT3OR outlet with cover are available in the control panel.

See the difference?

@25% load, 16 hours is its runtime, which is quite impressive. As a result, you will remain worry-free since this generator will run for an extended period to make your food business or any other event successful. The generator’s performing features are high, and it is one of the versatile generators in the portable generator competition.

What we liked most:

  • A telescoping handle allows its user to transport it comfortably.
  • Keeping track of the unit’s status is relatively easy with the LED info center.
  • Full of exceptional features.
  • It doesn’t generate much sound.

What could be better?

  • Limited warranty period.

Which are the best generator brands?

Naturally, we look for the best brands whenever we wish to buy any electronics item. The best brand item always tries to maintain the best quality, so people have trust on this.

Likewise, there are some best brands in the food truck generator, and though it changes a fair amount, the wise decision is to choose the best one. Here on, we enlist some of the best brands.

Yamaha Generators

Is there anything I need to say more about the Yamaha brand? Hopefully, you know lots of their innovation and expertise that helps them to become a world-beating technology.

Yamaha has a fame for its light, quiet, and fuel-efficient technology in the generator engines. Their best-selling units (generator) are Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF2400iS, and Yamaha EF2800I.

Briggs & Stratton Generators

Briggs & Stratton generator brings the latest technology in the portable generator arena that helps to bring this machine to the next level. After buying any generator from here, you will get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Their best-selling unit (generator) is Briggs & Stratton P3000i.

Honda Generators

Are you looking for a generator that offers a tough and robust mechanism? If so, you can try the Honda brand.

Hopefully, there is no need to praise them; instead, they are renowned in this sector for a long time.

Interestingly, they are trendy in the Australian market. So, many leading Australian companies like Gentech, Dunlite, and Powerlite start manufacturing this engine.

Powerlite Generators

This brand has been working in the generator manufacturing sector for over 50 years. They have manufactured the generator for the trading, mining, farming, construction and also for standby use.

Things to Consider While Buying a Good Generator For Food Truck

Portable feature

Suppose you are on the beach with your food truck, so, undoubtedly there is no possibility of connecting with the national grid.

Moreover, though it is mobile and provides service in various locations, the generator’s portable feature is mandatory.

Also, a memorable saying exclusive for the food truck owner, “losing power will lose money,” should keep in mind.

As you go through this article, serially, you can quickly get its importance because the significant appliances require a continuous power supply.

So, anything worst may show you red light. However, the main point is you can carry and keep the portable generator easily.


Generally, a food truck requires some appliance like a blender, oven, fridge, etc. However, it is a mobile kitchen and no possibility to get connected through the grid so, a portable generator is must-have equipment to operate those appliances.

Here you have to ensure the generator meets the actual power requirement. We show you in our previous section on how to find the exact power requirement. Here we enlist the common power requirement of some common appliance.

  • Fridge – 120V / 200W
  • Undercounter freezer – 120V / 900W
  • Espresso machine – 240V / 5000W
  • Panini press – 120V / 1500W
  • Microwave oven – 120V / 1000W
  • Hot food holding cabinet – 120V / 1000W
  • Food processor – 120V / 600W
  • Electric deep fryer – 240V / 3000W


Can your customer take food or gossip comfortably while the nearby generator sounds much? Definitely, the answer is not. Besides, you may possibly leave the venue if the customer complains to the authority.

However, if your situation is not like that, the sound may irritate you, and you can’t concentrate on your work. As a solution, you may follow the rule of thumb is keeping the sound below 70 dB; also, the lower is better.


It is another crucial issue to keep under consideration as you need to travel and deliver service to different places, so the generator’s runtime is mandatory.

Although you take enough gasoline, the tanker can’t store enough, and it may create a problem. So, the tanker capacity should keep in mind while buying a new one.

Also, ensure the fuel-efficiency feature in the generator while purchasing the generator.

Single vs. Dual Fuel Generator

While choosing the generator from the Single vs. Dual fuel generator, it will be wise to select the dual one. This generator will let you operate it by dual fuel.

So, you have the option to pick the energy based on the situation. You can use gasoline because it offers more power output and good runtime available. Nevertheless, while using propane, you don’t need to hold down the machine for refueling.

Conventional vs. Inverter Generator

Both types are suitable for your mobile kitchen. If your truck is big having multiple appliances, you can go for the big size generator.

How to power a food truck?

However, conventional generators may not be right for sensitive electronics, and the inverter is suitable because they offer clean and stable power. Besides, the inverter generator has fuel efficiency features.

Which is better inverter or generator for food track?

After seeing the differences, you can easily choose the best fit.

Conventional generator:

  • It is considered as your primary generator.
  • This machine is featured with a motor along with an alternator to get more power.
  • You get a higher amount of energy output.
  • The conventional generator’s size and weight are more than inverter generators and not pricy.
  • This generator may not be good for sensitive electronics.

Inverter generators:

  • This generator has new technology and also unique in the market.
  • You will find multiphase power and advanced circuitry herein.
  • This generator is good for its more fuel-efficiency.
  • It let you adjust the engine speed based on the amount of energy running.
  • It comes as a light in weight and portable features.
  • It offers less sound and less vibration.
  • The run time is decent, that depends on the size, and the price is higher.

What kind of generator do I need for a food truck?

When it comes to choosing a generator for a food truck it all depends on how many items it has to run.

As straight as it sounds!

A food truck means a whole kitchen on the road. You know how many kitchen appliances and accessories are held in the kitchen.

For instance, you have to consider some major points of your generator and estimate the power it can provide before you choose. Basically, your food truck generator will supply power to the light bulbs, toasters, microwave ovens, and coffee makers. In fact, it has to supply power in the refrigerators, blenders, and air conditioners too.

In truth, these items take huge numbers of generator power to run them. Also, you have to look at the engine size, weight for convenient fitting in your truck. Low weight and the smaller sized generator will be easy to fit at any part of your truck. The average best weight of a generator is 100-200lbs.

Therefore, choose an impeccable one and keep the weight under 150lbs. Engine size you must choose between 250-350cc. The wattage is available from 3700 to 10000.

I hope you obtain now what kind of generator you should choose for your beloved food truck.

How Big Of A Generator Do You Need To Run A Well?

In here, a big generator doesn’t mean a large generator; rather it represents a high wattage generator. Basically, various types of generators have several types of wattage power so people can choose as their requirement.

More wattage power generators can ensure more running time and power. One more thing you have to consider how many electrical items you have. As for, let me clarify and give you some ideas about the wattage of the generator.

Now the big quaestion: how big of a generator do I need?

If you have a refrigerator, electric stove, light, fan, then 4000 wattage generator will be perfect for you. For running an electric stove, microwave, air conditioner, light bulb, toaster, coffee maker, you should choose a minimum 8000 wattage generator.

So, if you want to run it for your special food truck, I think you should choose between 6000 to 10000 wattage. The reason is; you have to run the food truck generator for the whole day. Obviously, your generator should have enough power so it can handle the whole day’s work without facing any issues.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t choose any low wattage generator like 2000 wattage, 3000, wattage, or 4000 wattages. It seems too bad when your food truck got stopped its activities. If it happens, your business will not run accurately, which is very atrocious for you and your business.

How many amps does a food truck need?

If you have such a query, at first, you have to make a list of items from your mobile kitchen that consumes electricity. Then find the exact power consumption. There you will find available models in the market that will quickly meet your current requirement.

Finding power consumption data is not complicated enough; instead, you can easily find it out by seeing the appliance’s packet. Also, some appliance has tag or nameplate on its backside or bottom having such information.

You may find some appliances display the power requirement listed under Amps, and some are in Watts. So, here need a bit of conversion.

The method to find out conversions:

  • Watts = Volts x Amps
  • Amps = Watts / Volts

Here we show you how to calculate it.

Firstly, provide the appliance’s power requires that you will use it at a given time. When you find the load is reactive, you need to calculate using the starting wattage and which is generally three times the running wattage.

Example of the calculation: (food truck generator size: using estimated power requirements)

Appliances Starting wattage (w) Running wattage (w)
Coffee maker 600 600
Refrigerator (Energy Star) 1200 192
5 Lights bulbs 300 300
Blender 850 400

The total power requirement of appliances is 2950W. So, if you have those appliances, you need 2950 W power.

How to Connect Generator to Food Truck?

You need to follow some essential rules during food truck generator installation and operating a generator to a food truck.

How to power a food truck? Have a look:

At first, you need to contact a licensed electrician so that you can ensure a perfect installation.

  • You have to make sure an appropriate transfer switch before connect the generator directly to the mobile kitchen types of equipment.
  • Secondly, ensure the generator for the mobile kitchen is appropriately grounded.
  • During use, you need to inspect your generator routinely so, contact your nearest dealer for needing parts or for replacement issue.
  • Never connect more appliances than its capacity; that mean, don’t overload it.
  • Notably, your generator may produce carbon monoxide very quickly so use a detector to monitor it because it is dangerous.
  • To avoid electrical shock injuries, you need to use a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).
  • Prior to shutting down the generator, make sure all the appliances are turned off.
  • Don’t allow children nearby of that portable food truck generator.
  • You know that electricity is a powerful tool. So, it is mandatory to keep all safety measures to avoid death, injuries, and property damage.
  • Make sure that you don’t store additional gasoline in your truck for the generator. Gasoline may cause headaches and due to its vapor is heavier than air so, if it travels along the floor you can’t notice. Therefore, it can be easily ignited by a small slot of light or an electric spark.
  • Try to maintain this rule like always ensure full charges; keep a fire extinguisher near your mobile kitchen generator.
  • Whil re-fueling the machine, always make sure the generator is turned off and perfectly cool.
  • Before, use this appliance, you have to read the manufacturer provided manual. If you can’t find it or lost, you can contact the seller or download it from the website if available there.

How Much Does A Generator Cost For A Food Truck?

When you want to make a food truck you have to gather crucial items and a generator too. If you already have some idea about the price then it will be more beneficial to make a proper budget for your food truck.

Normally, the food truck generator price depends on the items you will use on your truck. Like a microwave, light, air conditioner, fridge, toaster, coffee maker, and other electrical items.

That’s why you will need a powerful capacity able generator like 4000 to 10000 wattage. But there has no restriction to choose a high wattage generator. You can choose any wattage and engine size whatever you feel comfortable and budget-friendly.

One more thing, you consider the engine size too because more cc-power means a more energetic generator for a food truck.

3500 wattage and 224cc engine generator will cost you between 350 to 450 bucks. For 2000 wattage and 150cc engine generator you might spend 300-400 bucks. 7500 wattage and 420cc generator will cost you up to 900$ plus.

For an average of 5000 wattage and 274cc engine generators, you must spend a minimum of 600 dollars. So, these are not the actual price but you can take these as the average generator price.

Probably, I don’t think you have to pay more money to expect these prices. Therefore, you should remember, a high-quality type generator comes with a reasonable price.

Does the Generator Require Specific Oil?

There is good news for the generator owner because though the maximum generators use 4-stroke engines, making a choice easier.

The most commonly used oil is SAE 30 that used in the 4-stroke engines found in generators and other machines. Synthetic variations like SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 are also great alternatives.


Every business person dream of expanding their business.

Food truck generators play a vital role in running a food truck business successfully. We try to cover all the tiny- tinny detail of food truck generator and believe you will find the suitable generator for your food truck from this Best generator for food truck list.

But the choice is yours. Grab the one that match you need, preference and budget.

Good luck ya’ll!

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