Are you tired of your current generator not being able to support your home or RVs? Are the watts provided by the one you own right, not enough? Well, this product here is the solution to all your worries!

We understand your frustration, and so does the company, Champion. That is why we introduce to you a generator that can effortlessly do everything you want with minimum or with zero issues.

And, with the help of our article, Champion 3500 Watt Generator review, you shall know precisely why you need this masterpiece in your arsenal.

In our article, you will find all the nukes and crannies regarding the item, providing you with a clear image of what type of benefits, functionalities, and conveniences you should be expecting from it.

Champion 3500-Watt Generator Review

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Champion is the fitting name for this marvel! It is powerful, robust, and contains all the essential perks to give you the best experience for generators.

Furthermore, unlike the countless other generators that are quite tricky to move from one spot to the other, this one’s fantastic design permits you to move it with great ease.

However, these are not the only reasons that make this generator so mighty. It comes with several attributes that improve the safety factor of the product. Hence, enabling you to use the item without any worry. Enough of the suspense. Let us get more into the details regarding the product.


The machine features a broad spectrum of sockets, which lets you connect it to various items. Do you want to know what types of connections it provides?

Well, it offers a 120V/30A Locking outlet (L5-30R), a 120V/20A Household outlet (5-20R), and a 120V/30A RV outlet. In short, you can use this item for all purposes.


You see, the might generator outputs a hefty wattage of 3500 watts. Such exceptional power generation renders users with the ability to use the product for all sorts of heavy-duty and light-duty tasks.

Such a fantastic wattage production is because of the beast-like engine installed inside the generator. It features an engine that is 196CC and is the primary reason why it can offer you such exceptional wattage (Crank-up Power 4000W and Running Power 3500W).

Plus, the generator can run for a staggering twelve straight hours on half the load. Therefore, we can assure you that the machine will have your back in the direst of situations.

When you couple this with its substantial power and connectivity, you pretty much have a generator that can act as an alternative source of power when needed.


The generator is indeed quite heavy! It weighs around 107.8 pounds (approximately 49 kilograms), and picking the item up and carrying it to another place will give you a really heft workout.

However, you don’t need to do that. You see, it comes with a design that permits you to transport the machine anywhere you want with extreme solace.

The machine has a set of never-deflating tires pre-installed that are highly durable and don’t require any replacement. Hence, you push or pull the item to any destination with ease. Plus, its compact dimensions ensure that the machine doesn’t hog up too much space and lets you place it anywhere.


We have already stated that the generator can run for 12-hours on half-load. That is because of all the high-class components installed inside the product, which allows the fuel to be efficiently processed and transformed into energy, allowing you to use the item for a prolonged amount of time.

Besides, the item has a capacity of 3.8 gallons of gasoline. So, you would need roughly 1.9 to 2 gallons to use the thing for a more significant duration effectively.

Also, this feature not only makes it fuel-efficient but additionally saves up your cash as you would need a lesser quantity of fuel to use the product successfully.


One complaint that everyone has with their generator is their noise. Fortunately, with this one, your neighbors will have nothing to nag you about. It produces noise of about 68-dB and permits you to enjoy all the beneficial perks this item has to offer in utter peace.


The safety features of the generator are just brilliant. It has a Volt Guard feature that stops the generator from overloading, and in turn, protects all your valuable types of equipment.

Moreover, it has a low-oil shut-off attribute, which automatically shuts the device when its fuel sources have depleted to 0.6 times of the full fuel capacity.

What We Like Most?

  • Permits you to use the machine in almost any kind of weather
  • Transporting it is an offhand task as well as storing the item
  • Has a durable and long-lasting build
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Contains several safety features
  • You can power almost anything using this generator
  • Exceptional connectivity of the generator authorizes you to connect it to nearly every equipment

What Could be Better?

  • Might not resist indention and rust
  • Recoil starts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average price of generators?

The average price of a generator varies significantly on your preference. However, just to give you a clear idea:

  • Gasoline Generator: $500 – $3,000
  • Diesel Generators: $3,000 – $15,000
  • Natural Gas Generator: $1,900 – $5,000
  • Liquid Propane Generators: $500 – $6,000
  • Solar Generators: $300 – $5,000

2. What is the kind of fuel that this generator is compatible with?

The Champion 3500-Watt generator uses Gasoline, and we suggest that you don’t go for any other source of fuel.

3. Can you state the dimensions of the generator?

In length, the generator is 22.8-inch, in width, it is 20.9-inch, and in height, it is 30.7-inch.

4. Could someone use the generator to power their RV?

Yes, they can.

5. What is the price of the Champion 3500-Watt?

You can find the item at $979.98.

Final Verdict

Whether to use it as an alternative source of power for your parties, to power your RV or as a backup source in case of power failure, the Champion 3500-Watt portable generator is a machine that is going to have your back in all cases.

Our article, the Champion 3500 Watt generator review, is the perfect testament of its competence.

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