There’s a reason why most homeowners opt for a portable generator despite its bulging underbelly – a much lower power output – portable generators are adaptable. Generators in this category are mostly pliable.

The makeshift setup process for portable generators is less intrusive and straightforward.

Also, you don’t have to spend a whopping sum to get the generator up and running.

Everyone would love to have standby generators as they offer more power, better performance, and improved functionality.

But they tend to come with their unsolicited baggage – a complicated setup process.

If there were a middle ground between both divides, the DuroMax xp 12000eh would be found in that category.

This unit is offering the best of both worlds – the portability of portable generators and the power of the standby category.

If it’s so unique, what makes it any different from the DuroMax xp10000eh and the DuroMax xp13000eh?

Does the DuroMax xp12000eh triumph over the Pulsar and WGen9500 generators? Let’s see the Duromax xp12000eh review.

​DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered

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Built-in Quality

An all-metal framework makes it perfect for outdoor use.


A combination of foldable handles and fill wheels guarantees easy mobility of the generator

Noise Level

Though loud, its 74dB noise output shouldn’t affect conversations or communications of any form.

Run Time

Delivers 8 hours of power on a full tank of gasoline

Value For Money

Considering numerous attributes and price tag, the xp12000eh represents value for money.


Comes with insightful technical support and a 3-year warranty for a worry-free backup power


The Duromax xp12000eh generator could be the final piece in the jigsaw of your home.

Its dual-fuel functionality removes the limitation of gasoline use. With the distinct energy sources, you get variable power output that keeps your home running without any interruptions.

From its rugged fill wheels and ergonomic handle to its metal frame, the Duromax xp12000eh would fit into any work-site terrain without any problems.


Duromax xp12000eh Review – What Makes the Great

Duromax xp12000eh Technical Specs

Peak/Rated Watts @ Gas 12000 W/ 9500 W Peak/Rated Amps @ Gas 100 A/ 79.17 A @ 120 V
Peak/Rated watts @ Propane 11400 W/ 9025 W Peak/Rated Amps @ Propane 95 A/75.21 A @ 120 V
AC Voltage & Frequency 120 V/240 V, 60 HZ Fuel Type Gas/Propane
Weight 234 Lbs Fuel Tank Capacity 8.3 Gallon
Run Time (Gasoline) 8.3 Hours @ 50 % Load Run Time (Propane) 7.2 Hours @ 50 % Load
Operating Noise 74 dBA Engine Type 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine
THD 10-12 % Under Load Engine Size & HP 457 cc & 18 HP
Starting Method Recoil + Electric Start Low Oil Shutdown Yes
RV Ready Yes Low Oil Sensor Yes
Idle Control Yes GFCI Outlets Yes
Compliant EPA +  CARB Warranty 3 Years
Wattage (Surge/ Rated) @ Gas 12000/9500
Weight 234 Pounds
Noise 74 dB
Run Time & Fuel Tank Capacity 8.3 hours at Half Load , 8.3 Gallon
Engine 4 Stroke , 18 HP 459 cc OHV Engine


Unlike the typical standby generator, the Duromax xp12000eh has a pair of solid fill wheels and practical handles so that it can be moved around without much fuss.

Don’t attempt lifting it on your own, as its weight will surprise you. Considering its numerous heavy-duty components, you shouldn’t expect it to be lightweight.

Its overwhelming portability makes this unit an excellent fit for anyone with several demands for a generator in different locations.

Dual Fuel Capability

Having a maximum power output of 12000 watts on a portable unit isn’t a familiar sight in the generator scene, but the xp12000eh is a different breed.

Since this generator uses two different fuel options – liquid propane and gasoline – it delivers to your home the efficiency of propane and the power of gasoline.

The multiple fuel sources of the Duromax 12000 watt generator improve its flexibility while saving you money on its running cost.

This makes it ideal for homes struggling with power outages due to a hurricane or similar natural unpleasantness.

Starting Mechanism

Starting a generator might be a burden for a lot of people, but households can depend on the electric start option on the 12000 watt dual fuel generator for quick use of the unit.

There’s also the recoil option if the electric start fails to deliver.


Due to the use of two different fuels, the runtime of the Duromax 12000 watt portable generator varies slightly with each fuel source.

When running on gasoline, the generator can keep your home powered for about 8 hours in one stretch. This will depend on the quantity of gas added to the 8.3-gallon tank and the load on the generator.

If you decide to use liquid propane fuel, this 12000 running watt unit keeps running for around 7 hours.

Were you stunned by the liquid propane runtime? Don’t be! The fuel source might be more efficient, but it tends to burn faster than gasoline.

However, its overall running cost is much more affordable compared to that of gasoline.

Use both fuel sources consecutively, and you have nearly a full day of constant power, which is bound to be something pleasant in an upsetting power outage.

Another outcome of the different power sources is the inconsistent running power.

If the generator is driven by gasoline, you get a running power of 9500 watts. Propane fuel delivers 9025 watts running power.

Those are huge figures for a primarily portable generator. Imagine all the appliances you could run with those numbers.

Noise level

With the use of generators, noise generated remains an issue regardless of how far a unit is from your property. The xp12000eh is no different.

Its 74 dB decibel rating suggests this could be a rather loud generator.

Considering its hefty capacity of 18 HP and 457 cc engine, it’s surprising that the noise level isn’t higher. Perhaps the rather conspicuous muffler plays a part in the lower noise level.


With generators, maintenance is something you shouldn’t joke with; else you could be spending huge sums just to fix avoidable faults or something worse like a fire hazard.

Using the 12000 watt unit, worries about the oil level and its impact on your generator don’t arise as the generator through its low oil sensor, shuts down the engine, preventing expensive damage.

And it’s easy to do this due to the convenient placement of the oil tank and the provided oil funnel.

You don’t have to open the fuel tank to confirm the quantity of gasoline left neither should you carry the propane tank to judge what’s left. The fuel indicator keeps you informed of the gasoline level.

If there’s the need to change or repair any of the generator’s components, you can use any of the tools provided.

From the spark plug wrench to the spanners and screwdrivers, Dyers are in for a jolly time with this unit.

Multi-functional capacity

On the side of this best rated generator for home use are four power outlets with different voltage calibrations for secure connection of tools and appliances.

This makes the Duromax xp12000eh an excellent option for use on job sites. You can just get the generator started and plug in your devices into the relevant outlet.

50 amp Generator

The xp12000eh has a distinct 50-amp power outlet so that certain power-intensive appliances can be connected to the generator directly.

You can also plug your RV directly to the generator, which explains the choice of this model by RV owners.

Job site workhorse

To reinforce just how compatible this unit is with job site functions, you can use the MX2 switch to bolster power output precisely for that heavy-duty tool, so you can get on with your work wherever the location.

Handy add-ons

To ensure you are fully conscious of the volt consumption of your appliances, there’s a voltmeter on the side of the generator.

If a change in output is not needed, the idle control keeps the generator running smoothly, which is great for places where the unit needs to be on standby.

Warranty Coverage

The Duromax xp12000eh comes with a 3-year warranty offer so that you can have repairs or replacements at no extra cost to you. But you’ll still have to report to Duromax before sending the generator back to the factory.

How can the Duromax xp12000eh Help Your Household?

If you’re not sure if this unit would meet your needs, compile the list of items used in your home. Once you have totalled the wattage requirement, compare it with the running power output of the xp12000eh, and you’ll be amazed.

This unit can support appliances like refrigerators, television sets, heaters, water pumps, tools, and others. You just have to take note of the watt demands of the device before using it on the generator.

Duromax XP12000EH vs Other brands (Pulsar 12000 watts vs Westinghouse WGen9500DF)

Model Duromax XP12000EH Pulsar 12000 watt Westinghouse WGen9500DF

Fuel Type

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Peak/Rated Wattage 12000 W /9500 W @ Gas 12000 W /9500 W @ Gas 12000 W /9500 W @ Gas


234 Lbs

227 Lbs

208 Lbs

Fuel Tank

8.3 Gallon

6.6 Gallon

8 Gallon

Starting Mechanism

Recoil + Electric Start

Recoil + Remote + Electric Start

Recoil + Electric Start

Engine Info

4 Stroke, 457cc OHV Engine

4 Stroke, 457cc OHV Engine

4 Stroke, 457cc OHV Engine


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Comparison TableComparison Table

The Pulsar 12000 Watt portable

Possesses a 16 HP, 457 cc engine capacity, which is compatible with its multiple fuel dependence – has a power output of 12000 watts peak with a running output of between 8,550 watts and 9,500 watts, depending on the fuel source.

Dual Fuel capacity – works on either gasoline or LPG, and you can switch fuel sources while the unit is running.

Switch and Go technology – equipped with Pulsar proprietary technology that lets you switch fuel sources by flipping a button without turning off the unit.

10-inch wheels and handles –increased mobility with its large wheels and concealable handles.

Digital meter – keeps you informed on the runtime numbers.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

16 HP, 457 cc Engine – capable of running on multiple fuels – gasoline and propane with a power output of 12,500 watts peak and a rated output of 8,550 watts and 9,500 watts on propane and gas respectively.

Low oil shutdown – puts off the engine when its oil content gets to a damaging level low level

Dual fuel technology – allows the generator to run on two different fuel sources, just by flipping a switch

Electric start – lets you turn on the generator by touching a button. It features a separate engine shut-off switch.

6.6-gallon fuel tank – holds as much gasoline needed for hours of generator use

From the vantage point of an onlooker, all three generators could be confused for siblings. They have related attributes, from their dual fuel capabilities to the similar engine capacity.

The true picture begins to take shape when you look at their fuel efficiency. The Pulsar and Westinghouse models have a longer runtime.

Though the 12000 watt unit has a bigger tank size than their 6.6-gallon gasoline tank, these units are about to deliver runtime of as much as 17 hours of runtime on manageable loads.

I could run my appliances in a storm for a whole day, just by switching over to a filled propane tank.

Another discernible feature fitted on both models is the ease of flipping fuel sources.

Just by turning a switch, the Pulsar and Westinghouse generators can use a different fuel without you having to shut down their engine.

Having used such generators, it can be quite convenient to just switch fuel sources without turning off the engine. This isn’t the case with the Duromax 12000 watt portable generator.

The Pulsar and Westinghouse also have other performance enhancements not seen in the Duromax model.

I find the rubber covers around electric outlets on the Westinghouse unit to be something worth mentioning. Having had close calls with dangerous situations while using the generator, any safety measures on a unit is appreciated.

While the Duromax unit is offering an electric start, the Westinghouse model takes it a notch further with its remote start fob. I find such to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s for sure.

Initially, it felt like an even content, but that changed as a blow-for-blow assessment highlighted the inadequacies of the Duromax xp12000eh.

Duromax xp12000eh – Key Features & Pros, Cons

  • Massive 18 HP engine – which can pliable in its fuel sources as either propane or gasoline can be used to deliver power between 9500 watts and 12000 watts. Your household items, power tools, and others should run fluidly without any interruptions.
  • Dual Fuel technology – ensures the generator can be powered by gasoline or propane with minor inconveniences in making the switch. This tends to be handy when your gasoline is exhausted, and you have a full tank of LPG available.
  • 8.3-gallon tank size – holds a significant amount of fuel for long hours of operation. With this gasoline tank, this could be around 8 hours, depending on the load. Using a propane tank, this will vary with both load and tank size.
  • Oil level alert – prevents the generator engine from exerting itself and getting damaged from low oil levels. This feature turns off the generator when the oil level gets too small for comfort.
  • Voltmeter – available on the side of the generator, this keeps you updated on the output power delivered to your appliances.
  • EPA & CARB compliant – guarantees a cap on carbon footprint, so your energy-generating activities are considered eco-friendly.


  • Portable unit, easy to move around despite its bulky nature
  • Remarkable power output caters to different appliances and tools
  • Dual fuel technology improves flexibility and guarantees a longer runtime
  • Large tank size can hold more fuel for an improved runtime
  • Leverage the idle control for zero fluctuations and a drop in fuel consumption
  • Oil level shutdown protects the unit from damage
  • Steel frame protects the generator from damage


  • Could do with a switch for a smooth transition between fuel sources
  • Runtime cloud be much longer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big of a generator do I need to run a house?

The size of the generator you need for your home is mostly decided by the appliances you intend to power.

If you have power-consuming appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, you want something that transcends the portable towards to the standby category, like the xp12000eh. Throw in multiple heaters into the mix, and you’ll need much larger generators. Everything is down to the appliances you are looking at running using the generator.

2. Are Duromax generators any good?

Yes, they are. Take the Duromax xp1200eh for instance; it delivers a running power output of at least 9000 watts, which should be more than enough for the average household.

What you should be worried about is if it can meet your needs. Fortunately, Duromax has many units, so you’re likely to find one that meets your requirements. Whether it’s more power you desire or improved functionality, there’s a unit for you. Moreover, you can read Duromax generator reviews.

3. Are dual fuel generators good?

Many of this type of generators are impressive. The Westinghouse WGen9500DF and the Duromax xp12000eh are some of the many generators in this category, and they are impressive. From the convenient switching of fuel sources to the power output, both models have exceptional features.

4. How do I start a Duromax generator?

This will depend on the unit that you intend to start. With the xp12000eh unit, a push of a button gets the engine started as long as the battery is charged. A recoil start works if your battery isn’t in its optimal state.

4. Who Makes Duromax Generators?

Fortunately, the Duromax generators are made in the United States of America by Duromax Power Equipment, a company that’s headquartered in California, USA.


It’s about time we had dual fuel generators and the flexibility that comes with such. The Duromax 12000 watt portable generator belongs in this category.

With its large fill wheels, ergonomic handles and steel frame, this best 12000 watt portable generator has a lot going for it.

From this Duromax xp12000eh review, it’s an ideal work buddy in the job site, a great backup power provider for homes, and a functional companion for trailer travelers.

If you belong to any of these categories, what more could you ask for in a generator?

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