Electricity has become an absolute necessity for getting even the basic comforts of modern life. When it is unavailable, we revert to the life of our ancestors that we are in no way used to and end up facing massive inconveniences.

As much as we hate it, the electricity has yet to grace the entire world with its wonders. So, if you’re living off-grid or out on a camping trip, you won’t have a power source to light up your devices or simply chase the shadows away.

With our Duromax XP4850EH review, we’ll introduce you to an excellent portable generator that ensures you never have to separate yourself from electricity!

Duromax XP4850EH Review

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The Duromax XP4850EH is a highly reliable portable generator that can act as a fantastic backup power source or power up your outdoor camps. You might be wondering why you’d prefer a Duromax generator over more popular brands like Honda or Yamaha. Rest assured, there is a good reason for it.

One of the best advantages of this generator is that it offers the same level of performance as any flagship product on a budget. It comes with a powerful engine and provides the convenience of running on dual fuel. Housed in a 130lb heavy-duty frame, this thing is sure to last a long time!

With the capability to run efficiently, it will save you a lot of money as well. From the moment you unbox this thing and set it up, it will start to give you consistent power to run all your electronic devices. Even though it’s a heavy unit, you’ll be surprised by how quietly it operates.

Starting this generator is super simple, too, as it features an electric starter. Equipped with enough power outputs, you can rely on it to supply electricity to multiple devices simultaneously. What’s more, it’s fitted with enough safety features as well. All in all, this is undoubtedly an impressive portable generator.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features that it’s teeming with!


Featuring a robust 4-stroke air-cooled engine of 7-hp, this model can easily generate 3,850W of running wattage that can go up to 4,850W. This amount of power is more than plenty for standard RVs, and you can count on it to power up a few of your big appliances as well.

Starting Mechanism

The generator is equipped with a fully functional electric start so you can bring the engine to life with just a twist of your wrist! If it fails (which is unlikely), you can always rely on the good old-fashioned pull to start mechanism.

Dual Fuel & Runtime

It runs on both the cheaper and readily available gas or the slightly expensive propane that burns cleaner and runs twice as efficiently. This is an excellent advantage as you can switch between the two whenever you want in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, this equipment will run without any interruption for up to 20 hours if you fuel it with propane on a full tank when the maximum load is about 50%. In case you’re fueling the engine with gas, you’ll get about 8 hours of runtime. So, it’s designed to help you survive through an entire power outage.

Control Panel & Outlets

You’ll find a very easy to read control panel that makes it simple enough for just about anyone to operate. Aside from the analog display, a circuit breaker, and the electric start button, you’ll find three AC outlets along with a single DC outlet on the control panel.

These outlets allow you to inject power into multiple devices at once.

Noise Level

Integrated with an oversized muffler that effectively mutes the noise coming from the exhaust, this portable source of power runs with surprising quietness. The produced noise is rated at around 69Db from 7 meters. That’s pretty low and comparable to the tone of a normal conversation.

So, you’ll be enjoying a relatively quiet operation.

What We Like Most?

  • Capable of running both on gas and propane
  • Fitted with safety features like spark arrestor and low oil shutdown
  • Fairly compact and lightweight compared to the large power output
  • Allows you to start the engine in seconds with the electric start feature

What Could be Better?

  • Gets noisier under heavy load
  • The dual-fuel feature pushes the price upward

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dual-fuel generator worth it?

If you can afford it, it is a feature that you should opt for. That’s because then you will have the convenience of switching between the fuels whenever necessary.

What’s the difference between a rated watt and a starting watt?

The running watt or rated watt refers to the continuous watts. On the other hand, the starting watt is simply the extra watts provided by the generator that lasts for a couple of seconds. It represents the maximum watts.

Are Duramax generators reliable?

Absolutely! Duramax has been producing top-notch generators. Their products are budget-friendly yet capable of providing optimum performance. You can feel free to go for Duramax generators like the XP4850EH.

Can I rely on it for powering my entire house?

No, it’s not going to power up each and every appliance you’ve got in your house. However, it’s more than enough for handling most of them, including some of the power-hungry equipment like refrigerators, power tools, computers, etc. With up to 20 hours of runtime, this will serve you for an entire power outage.

Which fuel is better?

Well, it depends entirely on you. Both of the fuel types have their advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline, for instance, is cheaper to buy, and it’s found almost everywhere. However, it cannot run efficiently and cannot be stored for long.

On the other hand, propane is a cleaner source of energy that’s also environment-friendly. It allows your generator to run significantly longer. However, they’re more expensive and not as commonly available as gasoline.

Final Verdict

Our Duromax XP4850EH review presents an amazing portable generator designed to run your devices and lights in times of electricity crisis. It is a powerful piece of equipment that comes with outstanding features.

So, if you need a reliable portable power source but not sure which one to go for, the Duromax XP4850EH can be an excellent choice!

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