Most generators make too much noise and are too heavy to move with. Generac decided to break both these stereotypes using the IQ2000 and succeeded. Fast forward to a year later, IQ2000 is now one of the leading silent recreational generators in the market!

The IQ2000 is specifically designed for users who are looking for a portable generator perfect for outdoor uses. This Generac IQ2000 review elaborates on all the deciding factors behind why it might be the ideal recreational generator for you and your friends and family.

Generac IQ2000 Review

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered

The Generac IQ2000 is one of the most silent and portable generators out there. Users lionize the generator for its sleek design, unique light bar, and easy start technology. With three modes of operation, a unique power dial, and parallel compatibility, the IQ2000 manages to stand out of all other portable ones.

According to users, the only prominent drawback of the Generac IQ2000 is USB and direct DC ports. The generator is most suitable for small power devices.

Therefore it’s not exactly the best machinery to back your home up. So, we advise our readers to consider all these factors before making their purchase.

Here are some of the most prominent features of the Generac IQ2000 that makes it one of the handiest portable generators in the market.

Easy Start Technology

The Generac IQ2000 comes with three configurable modes of work profile for you to choose from. If you want to save power and go for the quiet engine, then select the Economy mode. But if you’re aiming to go all in, let the Turbo mode take charge. Lastly, consider the Standard mode to get the best of both worlds.

IQ2000’s easy start technology is by far its most unique feature. The generator’s diverse functionality has earned itself a lot of respect in the community. In the early days of sales, this technology did not receive much limelight. However, now it has become one of the most highly sought after features in the market.

Noise Reduction Technology

The generator comes packed with one of the most well-designed noise reduction technology. And we all know that the generator that makes the least noise is everyone’s favorite. So if you’re someone who’s looking for a quieter alternative to all the noisy machines out there, then this generator is for you.

Remember that only the Eco mode will provide you with the praiseworthy silence. Whereas, the Standard and Turbo modes do not specialize in this department.

Appropriate for Charging Sensitive Electronics

This generator excels in portability and fuel efficiency. This is why users consider it as one of the most optimized generators for outdoors. But yet another reason behind this sort of a consideration is that it can run 6-8 hours on a 50-25% load.

Now, what does that tell you? This means that you can use the portable recreational generator to charge sensitive electronics in a limited perimeter.

Perhaps a single refrigerator is okay, but two or more may turn out to be a big challenge for the generator itself. Therefore, it’s not the most ideal for home backups.

Capable of Running In Parallel

Users who were able to get their hands on the parallel kit for IQ2000 could reap the full benefit of running the machine in parallel. In other words, users can extend the runtime or power more devices just by taking advantage of the parallel connectivity.

For obtaining the benefits of a parallel connection, all you need is two or more units of IQ2000 and the parallel kit to junction them together.

Detailed LED and Convenient Control Panel

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet

Manufacturers had to sacrifice the direct DC port and USB output due to the humongous LED bar. There have been a couple of complaints from users who are used to a USB port on their generator, but Generac seemed to have made up for it through their exemplary control panel.

The control and metrics interface come with the following features –

  • A fuel meter to show you how much gas is remaining.
  • A meter to show the estimated runtime depending on the percentage of load you’re putting on it.
  • A meter to show the percentage of load on the generator (wattage meter).
  • Specific lights for telling you when the generator is almost out of fuel/oil.
  • Specific lights to refer to overheating or overloading.

What We Like Most?

  • User-friendly controls.
  • Long-lasting and fuel-efficient.
  • Automatically cuts down on power waste.
  • Not too noisy at all
  • Sleek and portable design
  • Ideal for running a series of small devices (outdoor use).

What Could be Better?

  • No DC outlet or USB port
  • Not strong enough to handle multiple heavy devices at once

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start the engine of a Generac IQ2000?

Make sure the tank is filled according to necessary and twist the turn knob on the side to turn on the engine. You will find the knob right below the pull cord (for manual recoil mechanism)

How quiet is a Generac IQ2000?

When the generator is at a 25% load, the sound heard from approximately 20-25 feet away is about 53 dB.

Does an IQ2000 come with oil in it?

No, the generator does not arrive with oil in it. We recommend you to put enough gas in it before starting but not more than what you might need.

My IQ2000 won’t start. What can I do to fix it?

If your generator fails to start, that’s because the carburetor is most likely clogged. When you leave the fuel in the generator for a long time, it starts to clog the carburetor, thus preventing your engine from starting. To unclog the carburetor, clean it with a carburetor cleaner.

Final Verdict

We do not recommend this portable generator to users who are looking forward to backing their entire house with it.

However, this can be the most stable option for you if you intend to use it for camping, outdoors, or just powering a few devices at home. So you must choose accordingly.

We hope that this Generac IQ2000 Review helped you decide whether this is the right pick for you or not. Use this walkthrough as a yardstick to make the right call.

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