Buying extended warranty, whether it’s for your car, generator, or any other electronics you own can be challenging to decide on. Nevertheless, there are certain things you have to know. While it can be a perfect thing to get a generator additional warranty, some people have reported that it’s not a good idea.

But, what should you do? Some generator manufacturers such as Duromax, Sportsman, Briggs and stratton, and Westinghouse offer  up to 3 years of warranty coverage, what if your generator develops a slight or complex issue after warranty duration and it doesn’t seem like the fault from your side?

Notwithstanding, here is everything you should know about Generator Extended Warranty and things to consider when getting one.

What is a generator extended warranty

Before discussing in detail the things to consider when getting generator external warranties, it is important to clarify the meaning of these types of warranties. Extended warranties are offered to generator users to double or skyrocket their  warranty covering.

This means that if your manufacturer attached a 1-year manufacturer warranty coverage, with an extended warranty plan, you can get additional 1-year (12 months) of warranty coverage, which further implies that you’ll get a total of 2 years of warranty coverage for your generator. In the same, there are extended warranty plans that can cover up to 2 years or more. But as you may guess, such plans can be very expensive, and most times, not worthy of their charge (price).

Generators are important to virtually everybody. Asides serving as an alternative power supply source for various purposes, generators also help to ensure a safe and warm home during emergencies. Whether it is a portable generator or a standard unit, you should care for your generators and stick to a healthy generator maintenance practice so that it lasts long.

Extended warranty plans and coverage

Typically, additional warranties are not provided by direct manufacturers; you’ll buy an additional warranty plan, mostly from 3rd-parties. However, some companies that offer extended warranty plans for generators liaise with manufacturers, so that buyers can pay and buy an extended warranty plan at the same time you’re buying the generator.

Warranty plan can cover all the parts of your generator or cover some critical parts. The truth is that your external warranty coverage depends on the 3rd-party warranty companies. However, most companies into this business offer full coverage of all your generator parts, but again, it attracts huge costs.

You can get a External warranty plan starting from $590 – $1,500. The pricing depends on the warranty terms, coverage, and the number of years. Also, some warranty companies offer two types of external warranty plans – replacement plans and repair plans.

Literally, the replacement plan means you’ll get a new generator when things get worst, and the repair plan covers the fixing of any malfunctioning part of your generator. All in all, terms and conditions apply to all of these plans.

When to buy an extended warranty for your generator

Buying an additional warranty plan at the point of buying your new generator is basically clueless. This is because your new generator will still be covered by the manufacturer’s 6-month or 1 – 3 year warranty, and such manufacturer’s warranty is free of charge.

Also, additional warranties are practically expensive; they will skyrocket your cost of buying a new generator. Let’s see this practical example; you’re getting a new generator that costs around $600, the amount you can pay for an additional warranty on such a generator maybe $400 for 1 year or more depending on the SP. This will now increase your generator cost to $1000 or more; that’s not advisable.

More so, why buy a warranty plan for a generator that’s already covered by a warranty from the actual manufacturer? That’s not just practical.

Furthermore, some reputable, well-known generator brands are generous enough to offer up to 3 years of warranty coverage. So, there’ll no need for a additional warranty plan, when you buy from such brands; or maybe, you should wait until the manufacturer warranty expires before getting an extended warranty plan. On the other hand, while waiting for your manufacturer warranty to elapse, you may run out of eligibility to purchase a spare warranty plan. Ouch!

Can I buy an additional warranty later?

If you’re looking to buy an external warranty for your generator, don’t wait for too long, or you may run out of being eligible. So, what’s the number of months/years to wait before buying an external warranty for a generator?

If your generator comes with a 12-month (1-year) warranty coverage, kudos! You’re among the few lucky ones to enjoy free repairs from your generator manufacturer before opting for an external warranty plan.

It is advisable to go for an extended warranty at the 12th month when your free warranty will elapse. Yes, most additional warranty companies allow you to sign up with a generator not more than 1-year old. (That’s if you think there’d still be need to place the generator under warranty after the first 11 months of use).

On the other hand, if your generator doesn’t come with such longtime coverage. You can apply for an additional warranty towards the expiration of your manufacturer’s default warranty. Alternatively, you can still wait and buy a 3rd-party warranty plan after 1 year or using the generator.

Is it worth buying an extended warranty on Generator?

When you buy from reputable brands and verified stores (online or offline), the chances of buying a fake generator are minimal. Plus, you’ll definitely get one year or up of 3 years of warranty coverage. Buying an additional warranty will be useless if it happens that you were able to maintain your generator and it never gave you issues or concerns over the years of using it.

Thus, when you buy from a known brand or verified store, skip buying an extended warranty. Rely on the manufacturer’s default warranty while it lasts, and once expired, stick to a healthy generator maintenance practice. This will save you the exorbitant fee charged by extended warranty companies.

But, if you aren’t confident of your generator standing the taste of time, or do not want to call on technicians subsequently to fix the generator any time it’s faulty, then you should buy an extended warranty.

Extended warranty companies

All  companies are not the same; each company has its terms and conditions. Also, their pricing differs and things that are covered by a warranty plan differ from one company to another.

Furthermore, the type of generator you own will determine the maximum number of years an extended warranty will cover your repair/replacement expenses.

Additional warranty duration

Companies that offer extended warranty for generator categorise their offers into plans and packages. You can buy extended warranty plan for your generator for up to 10 years. The duration depends on the plan you purchase. There are plans for 2-year duration, 5-year duration, and so on.

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