It is almost a necessity these days to have a portable power generator at home. They come in handy in case of an emergency power cut. But many portable generators produce ‘dirty power’, which is harmful to all electronics.

Luckily, it’s possible to convert this ‘dirty power’ into ‘clean power’. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make portable generator power clean.

The Benefits of Using Clean Power

Clean power is basically an uninterrupted, consistent energy output without any fluctuations in current or any voltage sag. Generally, clean power is the type of energy that should be coming from your portable generator.

This sort of energy does not cause any of the problems that dirty energy may produce. A clean power output helps to keep your electricity bill low as well.

Dirty power can make your lights continuously flicker, and your devices may overheat because of that. Clean power prevents these problems and makes the generator run for a long time without any interruptions.

If you regularly use clean energy to power your electronic devices, you will not notice any of the problems that dirty energy might entail. There will not be any power spikes or distortions. Clean power is a stress-free way to run your devices.

When you learn about dirty power and all the problems it can cause, you will come to appreciate having a portable generator that can output clean power. Basically, clean power is a stress-free way to run your machines.

Clean power is a safe and stable source of power for your tools and gadgets. You can be sure that you are safe when you are using your devices with clean power. So, hopefully, now you know about the virtues of clean output.

The Problems of Dirty Power

Dirty power generally means a faulty output of power such as fluctuating voltages or variating frequencies. For example, when a portable power generator is unable to produce a standard output of power without any issues, it is producing dirty power.

Producing dirty power is a common issue with a lot of models of portable power generators. But, unfortunately, the ordinary folks would probably not realize that their generator is producing dirty power until it is too late.

Dirty power has a lot of negative effects on electronic devices. Using dirty power for long periods can permanently damage electronics. This is because the continuous flow of voltage gets disrupted with dirty power.

Appliances running on dirty power do not perform properly in the long run. In addition, charging devices such as phones or laptops with dirty power may damage their batteries. Such problems will occur on every device over time if you keep using faulty generators with dirty energy.

Lights run by dirty power will continuously flicker. You will also find problems like overheating, motor failure, and random shutdowns. If dirty power is used for an extended period, the damage done to electrical appliances may be permanent.

How to Know if You’re Getting Dirty Power

There are various reasons for a portable power generator to produce dirty power. It has often been found that more than one type of problem was present in the generators with dirty power.

Two or more issues in the machine can work together in ultimately producing dirty power.

Over time, you may figure out that your electronic appliances are not working like they were supposed to. The causes of such mishaps might not appear to be clear at the moment. Still, eventually, the signs will show that the culprit is your generator.

If you have been using dirty power without knowing, you may also find out that there is a sudden rise in your electricity bills. That is because dirty power is very inefficient and it wastes a lot of voltage.

Using dirty power to charge your devices for a long time can lead to some unthinkable accidents as well. Electrical tools may become unsafe to use. Ordinary appliances may overheat and cause damage to you and your loved ones.

Another problem is that dirty power may harm the portable generator itself. If you let dirty energy constantly run through the machines, they will be damaged. The internal components may even combust after overheating.

Common Causes of Dirty Power

The first step in getting rid of dirty power and producing clean power is to identify the cause behind dirty power. There could be different reasons behind the production of dirty energy.

To understand how to properly rid your portable generator of dirty power, you need some basic electrical know-how. If you can understand the causes, then you can come up with a solution.

Some common causes of the generation of dirty power are given below:

  • Damage inside the portable generator can be a cause of dirty power. Some necessary parts may be damaged due to external abuse, and thus it fails to do its job properly.
  • The wire is an integral part of the power supply system. Therefore, damage done to the wire may cause dirty power.
  • If the connections are not solid, there may be distortions in the power supply.
  • Harmonic distortions can negatively affect your power supply. These distortions can increase the current, which may lead to higher temperatures. This can cause dirty electricity output.
  • If your portable generator has an imbalanced load, then dirty power may be getting produced.
  • Random power surges in the power supply system can cause adverse effects in electrical appliances.
  • Variations in the frequency is another common cause of dirty power supply output.
  • There may be inconsistencies in the voltage supply, such as a rise or a drop. If the voltage drops below the normal value, it is called voltage sag. This is a common cause of dirty power production

The causes mentioned above are some of the most common occurrences. These problems may occur due to an error in the manufacture or external stimulation. Either way, all of these problems can cause dirty power output.

Keep in mind that sometimes more than one problem may have occurred in a portable power generator. So if you fix one problem, the other one may still cause dirty power output.

To fix your portable power generator, you must first identify all the causes of dirty power production. Then you can take the necessary measures required to make the generator output clean.

Making Portable Generator Power Clean

Now we will dive down into how to make portable generator power clean.

There are various ways to make your portable generator produce clean power. Some options may be more cost-effective than others. However, you should choose the method that is best for you, even if it costs a little more.

Keep in mind that you should always practice extreme caution while working with electrical power supply tools. So here are 4 ways to make your portable generator produce clean power:

  • Inverter Generator
  • Inverter
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Let us see how to use these methods to clean up the power output from your portable generator.

Making Portable Generator Power Clean Using Inverter Generator

An inverter generator is a slightly different type of generator from your portable one. A key difference between an ordinary generator and an inverter generator is that inverter generators don’t have a mechanical alternator.

Inside an inverter generator, there is a digital alternator that produces a stable AC output. A steady supply of current means that there will not be any fluctuations. Inverter generators are less noisy than other generators.

Another benefit of an inverter generator is that it can remove any sort of harmonic distortions. It’s also easier to repair and maintain than other generators.

Inverter generators are also known as smart generators. That is because they can adjust the power output according to the type of device being powered. It automatically removes harmonic distortions and voltage fluctuations.

This way, an inverter generator produces clean power output. With an inverter generator, you will not have to worry about dirty power. You can be sure that an inverter generator will always put out a steady, stable, and clean output of energy.

But like all things, inverter generators have a couple of downsides as well. First, they cost a bit more than other portable generators. Another concern is that they do not produce as much power as other portable generators.

The extra cost is justifiable due to the benefits it provides. If you don’t have a lot of high-powered electrical devices to run, you should be fine with the power output from an inverter generator.

So we can see that an inverter generator is a satisfactory solution for clean power. If you want the easiest way to get clean power, replacing your old generator with an inverter generator is the way to go.

Making Portable Generator Power Clean Using Inverter

An inverter is an electrical gadget that can transform DC output to AC output. It is different than the inverter generators. It works with your existing portable generator to provide a clean power output.

An inverter can stabilize the power coming from a portable generator by controlling the current. The current can be stepped up or down using an inverter. There are a few more benefits to using an inverter.

The inverter can help you to get clean power from your portable generator. You can also control the generator’s speed with an inverter.

If you want to reduce the generator’s speed to lower its load, an inverter can do that job as well! Inverters also help in reducing fuel consumption.

Inverters optimize your portable generator’s functions. As a result, you can achieve clean power and keep your electrical devices working properly. If you don’t want to buy a new generator, use an inverter with your existing one.

As you can see, using an inverter is an excellent solution for getting clean power at a lower cost.

Making Portable Generator Power Clean Using AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

An AVR is simply an automatic voltage regulator. It regulates the voltage output,which enables it to eliminate any voltage fluctuation. However, it does not alternate the AC output.

The fluctuation of voltage is a big cause of dirty power production. By regulating the voltage, an AVR can enable an old portable generator to output clean power.

Automatic voltage regulators monitor the flow of power from your generator. In the event of a power surge or any sort of change, the AVR adjusts the voltage and brings the normal flow of clean power.

Something you have to remember is that there are different types of AVR in the markets. You have to make sure that the AVR can handle the power output of your generator. If you buy the wrong capacity of AVR, it will not work as intended.

The AVR is the cheapest way of making your portable generator power clean. If you can match the wattage of your portable generator with an AVR, you can safely get clean power to charge all of your electronic appliances.

Making Portable Generator Power Clean Using UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

A UPS or uninterrupted power supply is a well-known gadget used by many people to safely turn off their computers in case of a power outage. The job of a UPS is to ensure that the power output is free of distortions.

A UPS has an AVR built into it. So it can regulate voltage fluctuations as well. There is also a battery inside the UPS, so it can charge your devices without receiving power from an external source.

The UPS can turn the dirty power output from a portable generator into stable, clean power. It removes voltage fluctuations, harmonic distortions, and some inconsistencies in frequency.

By using a UPS, you can keep your generator running normally in the event of a power surge. In addition, if your generator runs out of fuel, the UPS can keep it running for a few more seconds, which might come in handy.

While buying a UPS for your portable generator, you should be careful about compatibility. If you buy a UPS that is incompatible with your generator, your money will go to waste. So, be sure to purchase the proper UPS for your generator.

The UPS is an excellent option to make your generator power clean. It will provide not only clean energy but also uninterrupted power for your electronic appliances.

Some Maintenance Tips

Portable generators are essential for a plethora of reasons. If you do not perform maintenance on your generator regularly, then it might not be able to produce clean power in the long run.

Any external or internal damage may cause dirty power production.

To properly maintain your portable generator, you should do a few necessary things. Consider performing the following maintenance:

  • You should store your generator in a safe place when not in use. Make sure that it does not collect dust while sitting. Do not let the machine overheat.
  • Check your portable generator every week for any damage. Cheaper generators have lower build quality, so they may get damaged easily.
  • Check the connections and wiring before every use. If you notice any loose wires, fix them instantly. Do not ignore any noise coming from the machine.
  • Use clean fuel to charge your generator. Don’t let the fuel collect dirt. Store the fuel in a proper place. Also, use the kind of fuel recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The fuel filters and the air filters should be checked regularly. Clean the filters at least once a month. Replace the air filters at proper intervals.
  • The battery is an essential component. Replace the battery every 3 years. Make sure that it is running at the proper voltage and frequency.
  • The lubricant oil should be changed when the filters are changed. Clean the filters after long runs.
  • If the device is damaged in any way, do not try to fix it by yourself. Instead, take it to an authorized repair shop. You may damage the internal components if you try to take them apart all by yourself.

Cheaper portable generators usually produce dirty power from the beginning. Even the most costly ones may start producing dirty energy if they are not taken care of in the proper manner. Regular maintenance can prevent this from happening.

If you maintain your device but still see dirty power output, you should replace your portable generator. You can also use a UPS or an AVR to induce the generator to produce clean power.

Always be cautious while handling electrical machines such as a portable generator. By practicing these steps and methods, you can ensure that the output of your generator stays clean.

Final Verdict

A portable generator is an essential technology. It helps you to keep your devices running, even in emergencies. But if it outputs dirty power, it is your devices that will suffer.

That’s why making sure your generator is producing clean power is necessary. Hopefully, by following this article, you’ve found your way on how to make portable generator power clean.

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