Portable generators have the ability to be modified in order to function more effectively for a smaller out of pocket cost. While there are hundreds of different portable generator accessories one can use for their generator, there are ten that will not only increase the utility a generator can have, but also increase it’s life for years. Obtaining these will not only bring benefits for the long run, but also save heavier costs down the line.

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Top 10 Portable Generator Accessories

  1. Transfer Switch
  2. Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  3. AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulator
  4. Maintenance Kits
  5. Fuel Stabilizer
  6. Muffler & Silencer
  7. Generator Cover
  8. Wheel Kit
  9. Remote Starter
  10. Cold Weather Kit

1. Transfer Switch

Having a transfer switch is the most important accessory to have when owning a portable generator. It is this switch that allows for the connection of the generator to all large appliances to the house grid. This switch allows for one to make the connection without purchasing any other additional equipment. When purchasing a transfer switch, it is necessary to research the wattage, the type, and what is included in the kit.

It is also necessary to note that there are two types of transfer switches; automatic and manual switches.

  • An automatic switch as the name implies, automatically signals your generator to start up when the power goes out. The switch then connects your home to the generator allowing for it to begin functioning. When the regular power returns, it automatically shuts off your generator. This switch is best if you would prefer this process to be automated.
  • A manual switch requires you to do the work of an automatic transfer switch and manually connect the transfer switch to your generator. Overall, if you enjoy the process of manually turning on the generator, then the manual switch would be a better purchase. If you prefer to not have to worry about manually turning on the generator, then an automatic switch is the best purchase for you.

1. Reliance Controls Corporation Transfer Switch Kit – 31406CRK 30 Amp 6-circuit Pro/Tran

This transfer switch can be effortlessly installed in your home or office. The primary purpose of setting up a transfer switch is that it acts as a secondary power source during emergencies. It turns on your generator and connect with the power intel box through the included power cord. This transfer switch carries the power to an electrical panel. You can run any appliances without worrying about back feeding.

Reliance Controls Corporation 31406CRK

Key Features:

  • It supports up to 7500-watt generator
  • It Comes with NEMA L14-20 or L14-30 power outlets. This kit covers:1x power cord intel box (30 amp), 1x 10 foot 30 amp generator power cord (L14-30), 1x cord for smaller generator (L14-20)
  • 5 Years Warranty

2. Reliance Controls Indoor Transfer Switch – 51410C Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 

Are you owning a generator output more than 7500 watts? If it is yes, then this transfer switch is suited for your requirements. It supports up to the 12500-watt output. You can use Duromax xp12000eh using this transfer switch. Please remind that If you wish to connect more than 20 amp circuit, This item will not be fit (Maximum 15/20 amp).

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro

Key Features:

  • It Supports up to 12500-watt generator.
  • It offers a steel cabinet, six combination knockouts, re settable circuit breakers, double-throw switches.
  • It has 6 15 amp circuit breakers (single pole) & 4 20 amp circuit breakers (single pole).

2. Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Generators can oftentimes be in obscure locations that are difficult to reach. Oftentimes it is extremely inconvenient to have a generator to begin with however, there are ways to get around this obstacle. Portable generator extension cords can fix the issues encountered for new generator owners.

Based on the location of the generator, purchase the adequate length that will allow for some spare cord but not a substantial amount. Life will become much easier with the assistance of heavy duty extension cords.

I. Conntek 20602 L14-30 30 Amp 4-Prong Extra Heavy Duty Generator Cord

There are several Extension cords out there when it appears to quality; you may discover some models. Let us tell you, Conntek is one of the best among them.

​Conntek 20602 L14-30 30 Amp

Why do we choose?

  • 100% Pure copper built 10 AWG 50 feet 4 prong wire, allowing you to use the full capability of this cord.
  • Being a heavy-duty power cord, NEMA L14-30 gives a maximum of 7500 watts at 30 Amps (125/250 Volts).
  • Compatible with various Weather conditions, It is also Heat resistant up to 105 Celsius / 221 Fahrenheit.
  • High-quality, sleek cable jacket.
  • The prong locking configuration blocks any accidental unplugging.
  • UL Certified for outdoor use.
  •  1-year warranty

II. Conntek 1450SS2-50 50-Amp Generator Power Cord

Here is another excellent accessory from conntek. This model suit with 50 amp generator. This heavy-duty power cord uses 125/250 Volts straight bled 50 amps (NEMA 14-50P) to connect the generator. It is the upgrade version of the previous one. (Conntek 20602)

​Conntek 1450SS2-15 50 Amp

Key features: 

  • 100% Genuine copper made high quality wire.
  • Support up to the 12500-watt generator
  • UL Certified & 1 years Warranty

Note- The power cord you prefer; it depends on wattage and generator type. If you have 30-amp generator, Maximum power rating lower than or equal to 7500 watts, go for Conntek 20602.

If you have 50-amp generator with max power rating less than or equal to 12500 watts. You may consider Conntek 1450SS2-50.

It is advisable, don’t buy cheaper cord unless you have a small generator. Poor production quality may burn or malfunction your generator.

3.  AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulator

Voltage regulators provide voltage capability through the use of power converters. They essentially take the voltage from a given range and convert it to an output voltage.

This is necessary to purchase as an accessory when purchasing a portable generator because should the amount of voltages get too high, the motor can possibly burn out as well as other dire consequences that would be easily saved with the utilization of an AVR.

I. AVR 290440009-02 by Hoypeyfiy

This tiny AVR works on 3000 watts to 4550 watts rated portable gas generators. It supports 6 HP / 6.5 HP/ 7HP gasoline generator engine.
​Hoypeyfiy Voltage Regulator replacement

Key Features:

  • Output: Full Wave Bridge Rectification.
  • Overvoltage, Current, Short circuit shielded.
  • Output Voltage increase with loading.
  • Compatible with AC 120 V /240 V output

II. J2XCO AVR for Generator

​J2XCO AVR Automatic Voltage

This Premium quality Automatic voltage regulator works with 6.5 kw to 8 kw Diesel or gasoline generator. Easy to install and operate. It works nicely without hustle. It has a total of 6 wires, two single wire and other wire in one connector.

Note: You can use a higher output AVR on a lower output generator; it works fine without any problem. But, A lower output AVR Should not use on a more top output generator. Read our guide: Test generator with a multimeter.

4. Maintenance Kits

Maintenance kits for portable generators can be broken down into two categories: oil and air filters. These two categories coincidentally, happen to be the areas of a generator that tend to malfunction the most.

As a portable generator owner, it is key to have on standby, a generator maintenance kit. One could leave the generator’s problems however, this will result in the inevitable demise of the motor and overall generator.

Tips for generator maintenance:

  1. Power up generator for 30 minutes every three months, although there are no electricity blackouts.
  2. Keep clean and covered your generator when not use.
  3. Make sure; there has a proper ventilation system.
  4. Using a Heavy-duty extension cord instead of a cheap/ light power cord.
  5. After using a portable generator, you should remove oil from the tank unless you are planning to run the generator recently. Reserved fuel in another container.
  6. Fill your generator tank with oil when running and Monitor oil level. If the generator has an automatic low oil shutdown, relaxed!
  7. Remember, don’t exceed the wattage limit. Try to lower the load of the generator. If a generator runs at its full capacity (100% Load) can cause unexpected shutoff. It also cuts its lifespan.
  8. The last point, use fresh oil and new air filter during long time power outages.

I. Generac 6485 Maintenance Kit

​Generac 6485 Scheduled Maintenance

This regular maintenance kit works with Generac 20/22 kw air-cooled standby generator models (999 cc Engine). It is suggested to replace the equipment every 200 hours or two years uses.

This set includes-

1x pre-cleaner, air filter, oil filter, and funnel.

2x spark plug and blue cloth, sticker, and Instruction manual

II. Generator Oil:

Anyone might be easily confused when buying generator oil for the first time. Because, generator and motor oils are the same. But here some factors should be considered before buying.

Why synthetic oil best in comparison to other generator oil types:

  • Synthetic oils used to lubricate engine components that work faster than traditional motor oil.
  • When the engine’s in contact part moves produces friction, Synthetic oil creates a protective coating that helps to lessen friction.
  • It keeps a clean engine and prevents building up rust and corrosion.
  • It also helps to reduce exhaust emission.
  • Synthetic oils are also highly resistant to thermal breakdown and viscosity.
  • Another significant factor is synthetic oils work fine in cold weather.

If you want to know more, check out shopping guides about the best oil for the generator.





Full Synthetic

Full Synthetic Full Synthetic
SN Plus (API) SN Plus (API) SN Plus (API)
4 Stroke 4 Stroke 4 Stroke

5. Fuel Stabilizer   

Having a fuel stabilizer is essential for the health of a portable generator. The stabilizer is designed to keep the fuel of the generator fresh at all times. In order to have a properly functioning motor within the generator, the fuel must be fresh or else the generator can be damaged and even worse, malfunction. All of the negative outcomes can result in the need to purchase another generator which will cost substantially more than ensuring the fuel is fresh.

Why you need a fuel stabilizer?

When a generator running for too long, the fuel becomes extremely hot. And the volatile components present in fuel composition become oxidized and forms new aggregates, which may cause corrosion and other damage. To prevent such a possible damage, you need fuel stabilizer—it helps to keep your fuel fresh and clean for a long time as well as your generator safer.

STA-BIL 22208 Fuel Stabilizer

​STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer

The best fuel stabilizer on the market. Easy to start and store. It is not only to remove water from corrosion but also cleanse carburetor and fuel injector. STA BIL Fuel Stabilizer also helps to eliminate deposit materials, gum corrosion,

Varnish, rust from the engine.

Keep fuel fresh and clean up to 24 months. Using

It lengthens your engine life. You can use it 2 or 4 cycle generator engines. It

Is also useful within all gasoline types, including ethanol blend.

Lucas Oil 10303 Fuel

​Lucas Oil 10303 Fuel Stabilizer

Stabilizer Here is another excellent fuel stabilizer manufactured by Lucas oil. If you use the generator only for power outages and stored the generator rest of the time, then you may prefer this. It is safe to use all grades of gasoline including 2 or 4 cycle generator engines. You need 1 pound for 1-gallon fuel.

6. Muffler

Portable generators are loud. Anyone that owns a generator understands the pain of trying to sleep with the insanely loud sound of the motor in the background. Not only will the neighbors send their heartfelt appreciation, but it will be much easier to fall asleep.

It is necessary to look at purchasing a generator muffler extension. Owning one for a portable generator in the basement is a must have in 2020. Again, it is worth purchasing for the sake of the neighbors and beauty sleep.

Tips to keep quiet your generator:

  1. Install your generator far from home or campsite.
  2. Make sure; there is enough air circulation.
  3. Build a soundproof box, Place generator within it. Remember, do not cover the exhaust pipe.
  4. Try to lower the generator load. When the generator load increase, the noise increases as well.
  5. Set generator on sound-absorbing matt, cover the generator body by rubber. It will reduce generator vibration noise.
  6. Replace the old muffler, Install a new one.
  7. Play music at your campsite.
  8. Apply a water bucket method. This trick is simple, pretty useful, and easy to do. You may decrease around 6-8 db from the rated noise level. Use hose or any other flexible pipe, connect it to the generator exhaust pipe and other ends to a Large bucket of water. Make sure; no water gets into the generator.
  9. Generator Type: A portable generator is comparatively noisy in compare to inverter generator if you love to go camping. It would be better to carry an inverter generator Instead of a portable generator. Being an inverter generator, It is not only super quiet but also produces high-quality power which is safe for your sensitive devices.

Generac 052108 OEM RV Generator Exhaust Muffler

​Generac 052108 OEM RV Generator

If you own a generac generator, install this muffler easily and get rid of the noisy environment. It is inlet/ side outlet replacement part.

Briggs & Stratton 496892 Super Lo-Tone Muffler

​Briggs & Stratton 496892

More lowering the noise of your Briggs and Stratton generator, install this muffler. It works with 5 HP horizontal engine.

Camco 44461 Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System – Reduce Generator Fumes & Noise 

​Camco Gen-Turi RV Generator

Generator act as a Primary power source when you go out with your RV, tailgater, Travel Trailer. While Generator running, it emitted fumes contain poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

Don’t worry; you need a proper exhaust system. The Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System is easy to install and disconnect quickly. The weight of the product only 9 Lbs., you can carry anywhere without any trouble.


  • It primarily designs to clean your RV air.
  • Exhaust away generator fume from the ground and above the roof, It creates Carbon monoxide (CO) free Environment.
  • It helps to reduce generator vibration and noise.
  • Easy to install and disconnect quickly.
  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • 1 year’s warranty..

Note: 1. Make sure It fits with your RV.

2. It is primarily designed to lessen generator fumes and clean RV air quality. But it is not so good for reducing noise at a significant level.

7. Generator Cover 

When purchasing accessories for a new portable generator, it is necessary to purchase a cover for it. Most covers are made out of durable polyester fabric with water-resistant lamination. These materials ensure that the generator is completely protected from unpredictable weather conditions.

The two largest aspects to look at when purchasing covers are the materials the cover is composed of and how much area the cover will be able to cover. Durable materials such as polyester fabric ensure the highest quality protection possible. Discovering the area the cover will cover is also key as if the generator is not properly covered, then the entire purpose of having a cover is invalidated.

The upside to purchasing these covers is the cost. For purchasing covers, prices may range from 15-170 USD. The perceivable difference in pricing would be the area it covers. Nevertheless, it is imperative to purchase a cover for your generator.

The generator cover usually two types depends on their using purpose. If you use the generator only for a home during power blackouts. Rest of the time, it has no use, and store your generator in a storeroom, garage or yard. You might need storage cover.

On the contrary, if you use the generator for your Job site, campsite, home or multipurpose. Moreover, you move generator one place to another place. You might need weatherproof cover.

The difference between storage cover and weatherproof cover are materials used in the cover and price.

Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator

​Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator

This is the best storage cover, made of water-resistance laminated coating with durable polyester fabric. Keeping your generator clean and preserve from dust, snow, rain, Ultra- Violet. This high-quality cover comes in four dimensions, measure your generator size and choose one at a reasonable price. The great news is, it comes three years hassle-free warranty. It is appropriate with the most generator from 5000 watts to 1000 watt.

Available in four different sizes:

Up to L=26″ x

W=20″ x H=20″

Up to L=32″ x

W=24″ x H=24″

Up to L=35″ x

W=26″ x H=28″

Up to L=38″ x

W=28″ x H=30″

Color: Black, Gray, Light tan colors available.

Gentent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover – Universal Kit

​GenTent Generator Running Cover

We always suggest Don’t run your generator indoors or enclosed room/ Garage where lack of air circulation. It is prudent to set your generator at least 20 feet distant from home.

Run your generator outside. But you may face some challenges, including weather Conditions. To overcome any problems, you need a high-quality weatherproof Cover. As we explained before, when you run a generator at campsite, Jobsite, outside from home, you need Weatherproof cover.

We advise using Gentent for their high-quality service and customer comfort. This cover shields your generator from rain, snow, ice, sleet, dust, wind. Rescue generator sensitive parts from any kinds of Damage.

Additionally, this waterproof cover also maintains generator air cooling flow. Plus, you can move generator. There are two variants of this cover, Standard and Extreme.

The main difference is the built-in quality and warranty. Extreme cover variant is perfect for hurricane, lightning, storm, jet spark, excessive snowfall and other natural emergencies. Otherwise, the Standard version is capable enough of the natural condition.

Please note, the standard weatherproof cover comes with a 1-year warranty. On the other hand, The extreme weatherproof cover comes with three years warranty.

This cover compatible with kw to 10 kw generator. Easy to set up in three steps. Check the manual for further instructions.

Video:How Gentent cover performs during the winter season.

8. Wheel Kit 

Adding portability to a portable generator has several perceived benefits. Firstly, in the situation of a power outage, the generator will be able to be easily moved to the necessary area quickly and efficiently. Secondly, having the ability to move the generator during a remodeling period can be much more cost effective than hiring a handyman to transport it for you.

In the case of moving homes entirely, having a wheel kit on a portable generator would result in the seamless transportation from a previous home to the new home. This of course, shaves off the cost of needing to purchase a whole new generator in case of moving. Purchasing a wheel kit will result in headache being terminated in emergency situations. The cost is also inexpensive hence it being a win.

Champion Wheel Kit with Folding Handle and Never-Flat Tires

Having a champion generator without a wheel? It is difficult to move without assistance. With wheel kit, you don’t have to ask your neighbors or friends to push your generator. This wheel kit only fit on champion 2800 to 4700-watt generator.


  • The package has all parts, plus explicit instruction helps you to install the wheel kit within a few minutes without any expert help.
  • The reliable 8 inches never go flat tires and attached folding hand improve your generator mobility.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime free technical support.

Durostar DS4000S-WK Wheel Kit for DS4000S

​DuroStar DS4000S-WK Wheel Kit

This wheel kit helps you to move your Durostar DS4000S generator anywhere without any assistance or heavy lifting. It comes with two never-flat tires, the length of axile is 22 inches. This wheel kits only fit for Durostar DS4000S generator.

Powerboss 6287 Never-Go-Flat Generator Wheel Kit with Foldaway Handle

​PowerBoss 6287 Never-Go-Flat Portable Generator

The 8-inch never-flat tires and reliable handle allow you to move your portable generator to Jobsite, campsite and everywhere you want to go. Additionally, the rubber mount-built support leg reduces generator vibration. Easy to install, no need extra labor cost.

Note: This Wheel kit fits for different brands model. Before purchase, contact with seller for sure whether it will install your generator or not.

9. Remote Starter 

Having a remote starter for a portable generator is extremely convenient as it eases the workload an individual could be faced with daily. A generator having the ability to restore energy by itself through the touch of a button, beats attempting to manually start it. Check our articles to find the best remote start generator for your needs, Westinghouse generator​​​​, sportsman generator, Duromax generator. While there are hundreds of options, the ones listed above are extremely versatile and high quality.

I. SMARTGEN MGC100 Manual/Remote Start Generator Controller Module


This portable generator accessory is handy. You can operate a generator without contact. Plus, it offers plenty of control option includes-

  • Start or stop the generator remotely or manually
  • Impressive LED Display
  • Protection from low/over voltage, fail to stop, emergency stop, over speed, low oil pressure. When any such incident happens, LED Screen indicates alarm on, and the generator goes shutdown process.
  • This controller module fits for 1-3 phase gasoline and diesel generators.

II. Honda Generator – 3000is & 30is Remote Controller.

You can operate your Honda generator by this remote. During crisis or hurricane, you can quickly turn on your generator, merely using one-button operation. Sleekly run from 100 feet away and atomically controlled choke. You can quickly install this kit.

10. Cold Weather Kit

Many cold weather kits turn on automatically to protect your generator. Freezing temperatures and harsh climates can negatively affect and cause damage to generators if not properly protected. Having to replace generator muffler extensions or portable generator cords are substantially more expensive to do than to protect the generator with a cold weather kit. When purchasing a portable generator, it is necessary to purchase a cold weather kit with it.

Generac 5616 Extreme Cold Weather Kit

​Generac 5616 Extreme Cold Weather Kit
If power outages happen during the winter season, Imagine the consequences, you need to run the generator, right? But the extreme cold condition may create some issues to start the generator.

Then, you might consider purchasing cold weather kit for your generac standby generator. This kit covers block heater, all necessary hardware and Step by step installation Guide.

This kit made for generac 22kw, 25kw, 27 kw, 36 kw, 45 kw and 60 kw standby generator.

Briggs & Stratton 6231 Cold Weather Kit

​Briggs & Stratton 6231

If you live an area where extreme cold during the winter season, you should consider Briggs & Stratton Cold Weather Kit, it perfectly works with Briggs & Stratton 16 kw-20 kw standby generator.

This set includes battery and oil warmers too. The manufacture claims that, with the help of the kit, generator start at 25-degree Fahrenheit.


Now, you may understand the importance of the above mentioned portable generator accessories. Here, some accessories will boost your generator, some will automate the process, some will make your generator safer, and last, not the least, some will increase your generator lifetime longer.

Overall, these accessories are essential to enhance productivity and lifetime of your generator. You invested huge money to buy a generator, but a few dollar accessories can make your generator more user-friendly, convenient, and safer. So, if you own a generator, do not hesitate to invest a few dollars on necessary generator accessories.

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