What if we said that you could do so much better without the noisy, fuel-hungry pull-cord generator sitting in your garage?

Ryobi manufactures some trailblazing inverter generators with top-notch specs. They’ll have your back in a sudden blackout to running big and bulky RV appliances on the road or faraway camping grounds.

Choosing an inverter generator can be baffling because there are simply too many factors to consider. Today we will be discussing the two favorite generators that have taken both campers and homeowners by storm!

Our Ryobi generator review will cover the Ryobi 2300 Bluetooth generator and the RYI2000GRA. Without further ado, let’s get to know about them!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ryobi Generator 

Ryobi Inverter generators are incredibly safe, and truth be told, they do save up a lot on your fuel bills. But as every coin has two sides, Ryobi generators might have a downside or two. Keep on reading to find out more.

Fuel-Efficient Performance

The best thing about an inverter generator is undoubtedly its fuel efficiency. It is also a power-saving option for your outdoor activities because of its innovative mechanism.

Let’s break it down for you; unlike traditional portable generators that run at a constant speed to deliver a certain amount of voltage, inverter generators can adjust their speed according to the load.

This feature makes inverter generators take up much less fuel compared to their cheaper and louder alternatives.

Less Noise Generation

Putting up with the blaring noise of the running engine has been one of the major drawbacks, no doubt about that. But luckily for Ryobi generators, you will experience no such hassle ever again.

They are exceptionally quiet and will produce a barely audible low hum. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep or a midnight jamming session with your friends by the campfire with no disturbance at all!

Parallel Capability

Although inverter generators have relatively low wattage, they make up for it with their parallel-kit feature. It lets you connect two generators for boosting the power to double! Two Ryobi inverter generators can comfortably run space heaters, washing machines, power tools, and so on!

Shorter Runtime

Since inverter generators have a smaller fuel tank to save space and weight, their runtime is shortened by a certain amount. It would spoil the party for you if you were thinking about running the air-cooler all night long.

But their easily accessible fuel tank and power-saving mechanism prove to come in handy in the long term.

Top 2 Ryobi Generator Review

Either of the two Ryobi generators below will be a perfect match for your home and camping essentials.  Here’s why!

1. Ryobi Bluetooth 2300 Watt Digital Inverter Generator 

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This 2300 Watt inverter generator is equipped with Bluetooth to check the power and fuel level and shut it down at the same time.

Powering up your electronics and appliances calls for a well-built inverter generator with reliable performance. It can easily be a backup generator for your home and the best portable inverter generator you take for holiday camping.

Moreover, it also produces clean electricity. It means connecting sensitive electronic devices such as your smartphone, laptop, hairdryer, or coffee maker other than the more significant power-consuming electronics such as the fridge, fan, light, and heater are very much safe.

Moving on to its wattage, this generator is 2300 watts, which is a bit average considering that portable generators without the inverter function usually begin from 4000 watts or so.

But looking on the bright side, you have the incredible option of saving so much fuel with this inverter generator! And the fact that this Ryobi generator is relatively quiet had us sold because the ear-splitting sound from regular generators is enough to spark a headache.

Next up, you can also monitor power consumption, remaining runtime, and fuel level from a distance on your phone. That’s right; the Ryobi Bluetooth 2300 inverter generator can be easily controlled over Bluetooth on your iPhone or Android through the GENControl app.

If this isn’t amazing already, you get to turn off the generator from your phone as well.

This lightweight inverter generator has a handle and sturdy rear wheels for effortless transportation. Lastly, when you require more power, you can easily attach two Ryobi inverter generators to double the output, all thanks to its easy parallel connectivity!

What We Like Most?

  • Quiet operation
  • Supports Bluetooth for easy monitoring
  • Comes with an extending handle and rear wheels
  • You can easily link one Ryobi inverter generator to another for double power Cons

What Could be Better?

  • Slow calibration with the power load

2. Ryobi 2000 Watt RYI2000GRA Digital Inverter Generator 

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This 2000-watt portable inverter generator by Ryobi is a smart and affordable solution for lighting up your campgrounds or getting that coffee started right away. With a 1600 running wattage, you can connect any sensitive, small to medium electronics to the generator and get a premium, low-noise operation.

To begin with, this one-of-a-kind inverter generator is an absolute workhorse when it comes to providing backup power to your home in an emergency. Not to mention, compared to the bulky generators we see nowadays, this one is relatively lightweight and space-saving to carry around the back of your car on a trip.

Charging your phone, camera, or powering up the RV heater is now done with a lot less noise. This is a generator that doesn’t give you a headache; even those who are a bit scared to handle generators can pick up its easy 3-step starting method.

Moreover, if your camping group is getting bigger by the day or you need more uninterrupted power and coverage in your home, you are going to love its parallel-kit compatibility for sure.

It lets you link 2 Ryobi generators together for extended run time and capacity. At 25% load, its 1.2-gallon fuel tank and heavy-duty engine provide clean electricity with a decent runtime of 10.3 hours. It sure is a steal considering the high price range of top-level inverter generators.

What We Like Most?

  • Produces clean electricity which is safe for small electronics
  • Easy to start
  • Parallel-kit compatibility for increasing power coverage
  • Two 120V outlets and one 1.2 gallon fuel tank

What Could be Better?

  • 2000 watts is not powerful enough for running big appliances for an extended time

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re going to purchase an inverter generator, it’s best that you have a heads up on what to expect and if it’s going to meet your needs. Below are the most important specs you ought to check in a portable inverter generator.

Fuel Capacity

Most recreational inverter generators don’t have big fuel tanks. If you’re a pro camper and have an RV to rock around faraway destinations, fuel capacity is indeed a top priority.

To be on the safe side, you may pick a 5000-watt one with a generous fuel tank, but it’s not going to be the easiest to transport. Any 1.2 Gallon recreational inverter runs for 10+ hours seamlessly on the lowest setting.

Power and Wattage

Go for a mid-sized inverter generator, which produces up to 4500 watts. You might not have the option to connect the generator to the electrical panel with the transfer switch; in place of that, you can plug in electronics to this generator directly.

Easy Controls

Let’s face it. Inverter generators produce the right amount of carbon monoxide, which is detrimental to human health.

For this reason, you have to keep any generator at a safe distance from your home or RV. Advanced models will have an automatic carbon monoxide safety shutoff.

Other than the overload signal, auto-idle option, cold start, and parallel kit,  the newer models are also offering hands-off controls via Bluetooth. You get instant notifications on your phone when the fuel level is running low or how much longer the engine can sustain safely.


An inverter generator meant for outdoor use has to be lightweight and portable, preferably if it’s one that you don’t have to carry around and instead roll it to places by built-in wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What appliances can you run with an inverter generator?

A 2000-watt inverter generator can efficiently run some handy appliances such as a TV, laptop, coffee machine, toaster, pressure cooker, ceiling fan, mini-fridge, light, vacuum cleaner, and small power tool. Go for a stand-by unit rather than a portable one if you want to run more massive electronics.

2. What is the minimum distance I should keep a generator from my home?

You should never run an inverter generator inside your home. Always keep it at least 20 feet away from your home before starting it, and remember to direct the exhaust away from your house for CO safety precautions.

3. Can inverter generators cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

CO poisoning is one of the key reasons you should never start or run an inverter generator in an enclosed area. These generators emit carbon monoxide, which leads to fatal poisoning if you are exposed to it at high levels.

4. Why is my inverter generator not starting?  

Your inverter generator might not be starting because the carburetor is either clogged or air locked. Battery failure and a faulty spark plug might also be the culprit. However, make sure that no electronics are plugged into the generator before you start it.

5. How do I start my inverter generator manually?

Turn on your fuel valve and then turn on the choke. After that, pull the cord repeatedly until it starts. You can pick an inverter generator with an electric start button for ease of use.   

Final Words

Recreational inverter generators ensure that you have the most fun at campsites and have all your gadgets powered up nicely. It’s also the best stand-by option for sitting out a power outage. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one from our Ryobi generator review and get it right away!

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