When you are out camping, it’s essential to find a power source. In cases like this, it’s quite beneficial to have a device that can provide emergency electricity supply.

An inverter is an ideal device for situations such as this. However, not all inverters are suitable for the environment. The features and characteristics of the inverters are various to accommodate different scenarios. When it comes to personal use, the WEN 56200i certainly stands out.

Here is an extensive WEN 56200i Review to help you understand if this inverter is compatible with your requirements and can serve you well. Read on to learn more about this popular device and its various factors.

WEN 56200i Review

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered

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The WEN 56200i Inverter Generator is a product that is perfect for personal use. Completely noiseless when operational, this device has minimal total harmonic distortion (THD). Therefore, it’s relatively easy to connect delicate electronics like phones and laptops without any danger.

This device has quite a few types of ports for versatility and also has a high portability rate. It’s also one of the most cost-effective inverter generators out there at the market right now. Although it uses gasoline for power generation, it has a very high capacity and can outperform most generators in this size range.

Be it for combating power outage or electrical needs at a camping or fishing trip; this inverter generator is the perfect companion. The following are the features that make this device so popular among users.

1. Flawless External Features

Externally, the WEN 56200i seems to scream “convenience.” Weighing in at only 50lbs, it’s no bigger than a briefcase. The body of the inverter generator is plastic. The top part sports a handle that helps in carrying the device around easily.

Right next to the handle is the fuel cap for an easy refill. The color combination of the product maintains that of WEN’s classic black and white mixture. Right below the body of the device is four stands to balance the inverter perfectly. The inverter also sports a switchboard for easy access.

2. Versatility in Customization

Customization happens to be one of the strongest fortes of the WEN 56200i Inverter Generator. Although this device falls under the 2,000-watt category, it can quickly generate more power by pairing up with another inverter. Multiple pairings allow it to increase its capacity substantially.

This device can easily power up electronic devices like phones, batteries, and cameras without any danger. The switchboard includes USB ports for direct recharge.

More so, the device also shuts down automatically in the event of there being fuel and prevents any damage on the appliances and the connected electronics.

The inverter’s design to imitate pure sine waves allows it to run sensitive equipment safely. With a full tank, this inverter can quickly provide energy for as long as 6 hours at a stretch.

3. Perfection in Performance

There are very few inverter generators that can perform as well as the WEN 562200i. For a generator with only 2,000-watts of energy, this product can provide clean electrical energy without any hitches. There are no chances of the voltage spiking up or dropping down when using this device.

This device can take excessive amounts of load without any kind of problems. It can run a product as powerful as an air conditioner without burning up at the slightest. Besides, it is also tranquil and works noiselessly, even in the harshest of circumstances.

The silence (noise-free feature?) of this product makes it the perfect companion in outdoor trips. There is absolutely no noise intrusion when towing this device around. The performance of this device is merely top-notch and leaves very little room for complaints.

4. Variety of Uses

There are very few scenarios where the WEN 56200i Inverter Generator won’t come in handy. The range of its uses and the occasion are many, and so are the variety of electronics.

Although this device is well-known for its ability to recharge small devices without any mishaps, it is ideal for other uses. This inverter is great for powering up power tools and work lights, making them perfect for construction environments.

It’s also a great companion for those who are on the road most of the year. It can easily power up mid-level equipment like TVs and micro-ovens in an RV, making it the perfect travel companion. The device is also ideal for combating power cuts as it can comfortably power backup lights in a home and even an air conditioner.

What We Like Most?

  • Noise level of only 53dB
  • Produces purely clean electricity
  • Two three-pronged 120V receptacles given with the purchase
  • Eco-Mode Throttle for economical fuel use
  • Allows parallel connections
  • Automatically adjustable motor
  • Operates in low levels of noise
  • Can easily accommodate sensitive electronics

What Could be Better?

  • Batteries die off quickly
  • Comparatively less runtime
  • Overloads quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Inverter Generator Any Different Than A Conventional Generator?

Conventional generators are old, uncomplicated devices that use a motor to produce electricity. The engine tries to maintain consistency in speed to supply electricity without any fluctuation.

On the other hand, inverter generators are relatively new in the market. Although they produce AC current similarly like a conventional generator, it is initially converted into DC voltage and back to AC voltage to provide clean electricity.

How much noise does the 56200i make when in use?

When taking quarter loads, this device produces only 51dB and 55dB when taking ¾th of the load.

Can this generator be started electrically?

No, it needs to be started manually with a pull-start mechanism.

How long does this device last for?

On a full tank, this inverter generator will for at least 6 hours while maintaining a 50% load.

Is this product waterproof?

No, be sure to add protection from water and rain when carrying it outside.

Final Verdict

From our WEN 56200i Review, we can conclude that although this device is one of the best and affordable tools in the current market regardless of it having a few minor feedbacks.

So, if you’re planning a camping trip soon and require a compact and inexpensive inverter, blindly place your trust in this product!

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