Did you know that over 1.2 billion people worldwide are living without electricity? Power shortage and cuts are a significant reason behind this data, and the numbers keep rising every year.

To circumvent this issue, generators are used as the source of power in many regions.

Whether you are indoors at home or in the office, or outdoor camping, generators provide instant electricity anytime, anywhere. Different companies have been making generators, but standing above them all has been WEN for over half a century.

That’s why we are bringing you the top 9 Wen Generator Reviews by selecting the best of the best.

Why WEN Generators?

With close to 70 years of experience in the generator industry, WEN has made quite the name for themselves. But, if you are interested in knowing “Why Wen Generators?” then the section will walk you through that.

Safe for Sensitive Devices

Specific electronic devices are incredibly sensitive. For instance, laptops, tablets, and phones have some of the most delicate circuitry you will ever see.

These items require a very smooth power input without fluctuations to keep functioning. Rapid power fluctuations will burn the circuit and ruin the device. Most generators fail to provide this smooth power input.

But WEN generators are made with the latest technology to enable this smooth input. Hence, your devices will stay in top shape.

Real-Time Monitoring

WEN generators have advanced displays and meters always to keep you updated regarding their current status. With their smart displays and efficient feedback, they will keep you informed about how much fuel remains, any damage alerts, and more.


WEN generators are incredibly compact and convenient to carry around. Despite their power, they can be moved easily from place to place and take up very little space.

Top 9 Wen Generator Reviews

It is now time for our review section. We will review the top 9 generators from WEN. Hopefully, by the time you are done reading this, you will have picked out the product of your choice.

1.  WEN 56200i

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Our first product is the 56200i straight from the factories of WEN. One of the most lightweight generators out there is a perfect blend between convenience and power. First off, you will notice the amazingly quiet and virtually noiseless operation of this fantastic product. Despite having a 79.7 cc four-stroke engine, the noise level is only at 53 decibels (dB), which is at the perfect limit for human ears.

It is incredibly lightweight as it weighs in at only 50 pounds. To make things better, the product comes with a carrying handle so that you can carry it around with you anyplace and at any time.

WEN understands that you may be using sensitive electronic devices that have specific power requirements. For that reason, the fluctuation in power is kept to a bare minimum, 1.2% to be exact, when under full load conditions.

Due to its stable power output, it is perfect to use if you have laptops, phones, or tablets to use. Another aspect is that it is ideal for long trips, and you can use it when you go camping or in remote areas.

If you think that you may require even more power to power more devices, then all you have to do is connect two of these generators in parallel, and your power output will double!

Finally, you have the eco-mode in this generator. The eco mode is a new feature that allows for automatic adjustments of fuel consumption and also enables health monitoring. This feature saves time and money as well, by making the generator more economical.

What We Like Most?

  • The large fuel tank of 1 gallon
  • Triple function switch
  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Stable power output with minimum fluctuations

What Could be Better?

  • Doesn’t have a spark arrestor

2. WEN 56380i

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WEN’s 56380i is the epitome of efficient engineering circuitry. Made to be highly suitable for RVs, it will be the perfect companion on your camping trips.

To start, let’s discuss these products’ noteworthy portability features. With built-in wheels and a sturdy, collapsible handle, you can drag it around easily everywhere you go. What’s more, it also takes up very little space, so fitting it in your RV or campsite will hardly be an issue.One reason why this product is so popular is that it makes very little noise. The noise levels are set at 57 dB. To put it comparison, it makes the same amount of noise as an AC when running. This is all despite having a 212 cc, four-stroke engine.

Maintaining generators can be a handful, and you may believe that it takes up a lot of time. However, this generator from WEN will put your worries to rest. Maintenance for this product is minimum, as there is a fuel shutoff valve in place to specifically prevent blockages.

If you use laptops and phones, then their safety and smooth operation must be of paramount importance to you. This product supplies power in minimal fluctuations, making sure that your laptop and phones are safe.

Finally, reading a display has never been easier. With its state of the digital art display, you will find all relevant information right at your fingertips. This information includes frequency monitoring, voltage readings,  fuel levels, and much more.

What We Like Most?

  • Digital monitoring helps to view vital parameters with ease
  • Very low noise levels, making it suitable for camps sites
  • Starts at the push of a button
  • Contains a spark arrestor to prevent fires

What Could be Better?

  • Does not auto-charge the battery when charge levels drop low

3. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel

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The days of worrying about what type of fuel your generator requires are finally over. WEN’s DF475T is a breakthrough in generator technology and features the highly desirable dual fuel feature. Let us begin by highlighting the key feature of this particular product, its dual-fuel setting. While most generators have been built to run on one type of fuel, this product runs on two, namely LPG and gasoline.

This feature allows you to run the generator even in areas where either one of the two products is not available. Hence, you still keep the power running, and all your appliances will stay fully charged. All you have to do without switching between the two sources is to turn a dial. The engine itself is built for raw power and efficiency. A 4 stroke engine has a capacity of 224 ccs and runs up to a top speed of 3600 rpm. This high speed is enough to power your everyday appliances and devices, including laptops, phones, and TVs.

Portability is a trademark of this product, and WEN has designed it just for that. The tires on the generator are sturdy and remain inflated under all conditions. To move the generator, you can make use of the fold-down handles that come with it. This is a space-saving design and makes the generator feel lightweight too.

Gone are the days of cranking up the generator with the use of a pull cord. Now, no effort is needed, as a switch is provided to activate the generators as soon as it is pressed. This feature enables anyone to activate the generator and is a safer option too.

What We Like Most?

  • Choose between propane or LPG as the fuel of choice
  • Easy activation
  • Excellent for emergency backup as voltage can switch between 120 Volts and 240 Volts very fast
  • Protected against charge overloading

What Could be Better?

  • Sound levels are higher when in use

4. WEN 56475

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The 56475 has been tailored to provide the ultimate service in possible locations, ranging from camping sites to construction and work zones. This product has been customized for safety and efficiency. You can activate it easily with the help of a switch, saving you time and effort instead of the generators of the old days. With a 223 cc engine, you get an incredible peak power of 4750 Watts and a rated capacity of 3750 Watts. This much power is more than sufficient for almost all of your daily needs, including powering the TV, refrigerator, laptop, and multiple phones.

When it comes to safety, this product makes no compromises. The spark arrestor it is enabled with prevents sparks from accumulating in the engine or gas tank and thereby prevents explosions from occurring.

To make sure that sudden and abrupt power surges do not damage your electronic devices, the voltage regulator prevents voltage fluctuations, hence making sure that the power supplied is always at a constant, suitable level.

Transportability is always a major issue when it comes to generators. You will want something that is not only easy to carry or move around but takes up little room or space.

This product is a clear winner in this area too. The wheelset is engineered for stability and easy movement, while the foldable handles allow you to push the generator to the desired location.

What We Like Most?

  • Meets safety requirements in all US states
  • Spark arrestor included preventing fires
  • Easy to transport
  • Includes engine oil and battery

What Could be Better?

  • Doesn’t have a dual-fuel feature

5. WEN 56105 1000-Watt

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The WEN 56105 is the product you need for the ultimate outdoor experience. This high tech generator has been made keeping recreational activities in mind.

To start, you will observe the amazingly compact build and lightweight feature of this product. Equipped onset is a spark arrestor, which is put in place to negate any fire threats from sparks.

This is why it is perfect for taking on your outdoor trips and can easily be placed anywhere, taking up the minimum amount of space.

Having a rating of 120 V and a surge of 1000 W, this generator is ideal for running a plethora of items. This includes stereo systems, lights, cookers, and more. This double-stroke, 63 cc engine runs on gasoline and oil. As a result, maintenance is incredibly easy and convenient, as compared to other generators. One big plus point is that you will not have to periodically change the oil since the generator will consume the oil.

Run times are another critical feature of this product. While running on just one gallon of gasoline, you will get an astounding 5 hours of half-load run time!

What We Like Most?

  • Spark arrestor in place
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • High run time

What Could be Better?

  • Should not be used with radio equipment

6. WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt

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An absolute beast of a product from WEN, this 11000 generator outranks many others of similar build and size.

To kick-off, this generator has dual fuel settings. This means it runs on both gasoline and propane. When running on gasoline, it delivers 8300 running Watts, and when running on propane, you get 7500 running Watts.

Activating the generator is easy as pie, and all it requires is the turn of a key dial. This makes activation smooth, safer, and also ridiculously faster than your conventional generators.

The engine of this product is mighty impressive and has a capacity of 457 ccs. This air-cooled four-stroke engine can power most of your everyday items. What’s more, there are very few fluctuations in power, so your phone and laptop will operate safely.

If you want to run specific tools or appliances, you have the option of switching between standard voltage settings. You can choose between two AC supplies (120V and 240 V) and one DC supply (12V).

These multiple voltage setting features come in handy when you have differently rated appliances to run, such as power tools, TV, or micro-ovens.

The portability features of this product are also on another level. With a pair of 9.5-inch wheels, the foldable handle completes the perfect transportation system and allows you to take this generator with you anywhere you desire.

What We Like Most?

  • Easy starting
  • Protection from power surges
  • Runs on both propane and gasoline
  • Air-cooled engine

What Could be Better?

  • Must be appropriately grounded before use

7. WEN 56352

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The WEN 56352 is another gem of a model straight from WEN. Made for convenience and quality service. It is one of the best money can buy.

Starting, the fuel tank on this product is gigantic and has a volume of 4 Gallons. That is larger than most fuel tanks of your conventional generators. The large fuel tanks allow up to 11 hours of backup. WEN understands your desire to roam the outdoors and take your family camping or on fishing trips. For that reason precisely, there is a spark arrestor in a place specially designed to eliminate sparks and prevent fires from breaking out.

This implies that the generator can be used on any camping site because most sites have stringent safety protocols

The 7 HP rated engine has a total capacity of 212 ccs. This makes it capable of delivering voltages of up to 3500 Watts. With that much power, you can be assured that you will be able to run all sorts of heavy and delicate appliances, including fridges, phones, laptops, and more.

Another vital safety feature of this product is the prevention of oil overloading. A safety shut-off valve prevents too much oil from overflowing in the engine, leading to unwanted damages.

If you want easy monitoring, then this product delivers on that too. With its easy to read, state of the art, digital display feature, reading off oil levels and maintenance alerts has genuinely never been easier.

Finally, you have some fantastic portability features, including a pair of smooth wheels and a foldable handle. These two features allow you to transport the generator to anyplace of your choosing.

What We Like Most?

  • Digital display
  • Spark arrestor in place to prevent fires
  • Safety valve to prevent oil overflow
  • Allows voltage switching from 120 to 240 V

What Could be Better?

  • The frame needs to be grounded before use

8. WEN 56180

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The final product on our list is the WEN 56180. A powerful generator capable of running the most appliance, it is a must-have for emergencies.

Firstly, the fuel tank has a capacity of 1.1 Gallons. At this volume and capacity, it can provide uninterrupted back up for over seven and a half hours. , makes it ideal to have in emergencies such as during storms.

The engine has a capacity of 98 ccs and is capable of delivering 1500 Watts of power during full mode operation. Furthermore, the engine is air-cooled, so heating and thermal damages will not be an issue.

Due to the amount of power delivered, you can easily power most of your regular household appliances, including televisions, phones, micro ovens, laptops, and more. To make things better, the power provided is stable and features minimum fluctuations, so delicate devices are not harmed.

The 56180 features a very efficient spark arrestor. This nifty safety feature prevents the ignition of fires from sparks or stray charges. As a result, it can be used in virtually all camping sites that have such safety requirements.

To cap it off, this product is built for compactness and portability. Hence, you can make it your trusted companion on job sites, offices, and camping grounds.

What We Like Most?

  • Strong safety features
  • Capable of powering all household appliances
  • Provides 7.5 hours of backup
  • Overheating is minimum due to efficient cooling

What Could be Better?

  • Has a higher noise level

Things to Consider Before Buying

So you are done reading all those reviews and have come to the buying guide. This section will highlight some useful details or key points you should consider before making your purchase.

Read on to know what factors you should base your decisions on.


No discussion regarding generators is truly complete without an emphasis on safety. Safety is paramount when operating with any voltage or current source, and poor safety can lead to severe injuries.

Safety measures can take various forms and usually varies from manufacturing to manufacturing. However, it is prudent to keep an eye out for the most basic safety measures.

For instance, a fuel shutoff valve is a desirable feature in any generator. This is a valve that stops excess fuel from passing through to the generator when the tank is already full. Instead, the generator is made to utilize fuel from the carburetor.

This basically saves the amount of fuel burnt and prevents spillage and also wastage.

Another safety feature that is highly recommended is a spark arrestor. It prevents sparks from getting into the fuel tank, thereby avoiding deadly explosions.

Number and Types of Appliances to Run

Another vital aspect to consider before buying a generator is exactly how many appliances or devices you will be running.

If you are thinking of powering multiple lights, fans, PC’s and phones, then you will need a strong and larger unit. Most portable units will be unable to run too many things at once.

However, if you are thinking about outdoor use, and you are more than happy just making sure your phone and laptop are charged, then a portable generator is fine for you. Portable generators can power some everyday items like radios, lights, phones, and so on.

Finally, if you need the generator on a job site or construction zone, you must make a list of all the different types of power tools that will be used and their power ratings.

Power tools have particular electricity demands, and it is important to make sure that the generator you buy meets all the criteria.

Low Noise Levels

Human ears are susceptible, and loud noises will damage your hearing. A noise level between 30 to 60 decibels (dB) is a comfortable range for human ears. If the sound level is above 70 dB, that will cause severe discomfort. Anything above 120 dB will result in hearing loss.

Remember the above info when shopping for a generator. Always try to go for the one that propagates the least amount of noise, preferably below 60 dB.

High noise levels are not only uncomfortable to you but also those around you. If you are going on camping trips and need to camp at specific zones, then a loud generator may make others expel you from the site. Many places have particular noise levels, and it’s mandatory to adhere to them.

Hence, noise levels of the generator must always be checked and re-checked, first by consulting the manufacturer, and then the product manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time for the much-awaited FAQ section of our guide. This penultimate section will answer some of your most burning questions and ensure that you know more answers than your friends when dealing with and buying generators.

1. Can all generators run on two types of fuel?

No, they cannot. While many generators do run on two types of fuel, many do not.

It is important to check what type of fuel you have available before making a purchase. If you have two types of fuel t your disposal, then a dual-type generator is a better choice.

2. For outdoor use, what types of power outlets are recommended for the generator to have?

If you are using the generators outdoors, then we can infer you will be using it for hunting or camping trips.

In that case, make sure your generator has a port for USB and an RV port. These two are crucial when you outdoors.

3. Which is better: air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines?

Both have their pros and cons. Air-cooled engines can be maintained very quickly, but liquid cooled ones are slightly harder to do so.

However, in the long run, liquid-cooled engines give better performance and make less noise than their air-cooled counterparts.

So, it boils down to your choice.

4. Can I run the generator from the garage?

Suppose your garage is wholly enclosed, then no. Generators produce carbon monoxide, which accumulates in closed spaces.

Always run the generator in the open.

5. How can I minimize noise from a generator?

The best way to do this is to get a generator that has a muffler attached. The muffler will bring down the noise levels considerably.

Final Words

We are finally done with our WEN generator reviews, and it was good to have you with us. No doubt, you realize the importance of generators by now and how to pick the right one out. I hope you will share this knowledge with others and light up their world (pun intended). Until next time!

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