As far as portability and noise reduction is concerned, the Igen4500 is one of the most sought after inverter generators out there in the market. This Westinghouse Igen4500 review focuses on accentuating all the factors of the product that are going to help you understand whether this is the right pick for you or not.

There are various sorts of inverter generators out there that all suffice the needs of different demographics. If you’re an outdoor person and would love to carry your power-maker with yourself occasionally, then the Igen4500 is specifically designed for you. However, it works perfectly for home-use as well.

Westinghouse Igen4500 Review.

Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

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The Westinghouse Igen4500 has a great price value for the benefits it has to offer. It’s pretty well-reputed in the community for its noise reduction capabilities. Westinghouse has tried and succeeded in targeting the Igen4500 towards outdoor-based users.

This generator has a pretty well-deserved hype for the service it provides. However, some users have had complaints regarding remote control use and oil filling issues. If you’re willing to sacrifice these compatibility factors, then consider going through the entire review before purchase.

For a more in-depth picture, go through all of the following factors. This should make it easier for you to decide for yourself.

Easy Start Technology

The Generac IQ2000 comes with three configurable modes of work profile for you to choose from. If you want to save power and go for the quiet engine, then select the Economy mode. But if you’re aiming to go all in, let the Turbo mode take charge. Lastly, consider the Standard mode to get the best of both worlds.

IQ2000’s easy start technology is by far its most unique feature. The generator’s diverse functionality has earned itself a lot of respect in the community. In the early days of sales, this technology did not receive much limelight. However, now it has become one of the most highly sought after features in the market.

Substantial Power Supply for Its Size

The Westinghouse Igen4500 can continuously, yet safely handle 3700 watts with a peak of 4500 watts. The generator runs on gas to turn the onboard alternator to generate electricity. Not just gasoline, the generator is also compatible with propane; therefore, you can run it on both according to your convenience.

All you need to do to set up the battery is open the battery compartment cover and plug the wire in. The generator comes with all necessary equipment such as the wrench, hose, regulator, etc. Therefore, the setup doesn’t require a lot of effort. Moreover, the fuel tank can contain about 3.4 gallons of fuel at once as well.

Perfect for Both Travel and Home Use

The Igen4500 is not precisely the largest generator in the market. Westinghouse has managed to develop a sleek and lightweight design compared to most other generators out there.

This makes it a perfect choice for outdoors. More so, this generator is ideal for users who like to go camping and need a power source for the night.

Furthermore, the portable generator also has an RV outlet to feed your RV directly.

Even though it’s mostly considered a recreational generator, it can successfully supply a moderate-sized house with 8-13 hours of backup. Take it with you while camping or stay at home and let the Igen4500 do the hard work.

Impressive Noise Reduction Capability

We all know how loud and bothersome modern generators can get. Igen4500 uses its revolutionary sound control mechanism to reduce the noise by manifold, without having to sacrifice the output. Lesser sound refers to lesser disturbance.

Even though the engine is equipped with a Westinghouse 224cc four-stroke OHV engine (including a cooling system), it barely makes a sound above 52 decibels. This unique and advanced sound reduction system makes it an instant favorite among users.

Handy LED and Control Panel

The LED data center consists of the following readings –

  • How long it’ll run (run time).
  • The power output in kW.
  • The fuel levels in liters.
  • The voltage.
  • How long it has run since it was started for the first time.
  • Percentage of remaining fuel.
  • Percentage of output.

You can reap the following benefits off of the handy control panel, which makes it a perfect choice for campers –

  • 120V Duplex Household Outlet.
  • RV-Ready Tt-30R 30 Amp Outlet.
  • Two USB Outlets.

Unique Dimensions and Size

Unique Dimensions and Size

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The inverter generator is 18 x 10 x 15.5 inches in dimension. As you have seen in the photos, it’s not super tall or wide. Instead, the measurements are considered ideal for transport and camping. The Westinghouse Igen4500 comes with an installation and instruction manual and weighs roughly 93 pounds with a vacant fuel/oil tank

What We Like Most?

  • Excellent noise reduction capability.
  • Runs on clean fuel such as propane.
  • Handy portable structure
  • Perfect for outdoor use and camping
  • Easy and well-defined controls.
  • Unique voltage read-out LED display.

What Could be Better?

  • The remote control feature is not very well designed.
  • Troublesome startup if not used for a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the new generator tank smell like oil from before? 

Your generator might smell like oil right after it has been delivered. This is because they go through a functionality and quality test before sending out to the customers.

The oil is used drained away before sending out, but sometimes a little residue may remain. It shouldn’t create any problem in your usage

2. How can I set up the Westinghouse Igen4500?

First, you need to add the oil to your machine tank. Then plug in the battery and connect it using the wire. Add your fuel and do a safety check before turning it on.

3. Do I have to leave the switch on for my RC to work?

Yes, you do. The machine does not receive the RC signals if it has no power supply to it. Even though that runs a slight risk, this is the price you’ll have to pay to enjoy the RC functions.

Final Verdict

Almost all Westinghouse Igen4500 reviews on the internet claim it to be the most powerful, reliable, and economical. That’s not entirely true. But if you’re a user who’s looking for the perfect combo of portable, efficient and quiet, then the Westinghouse Igen4500 shall cater to your needs perfectly.

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